Scallops from Hokkaido, a northern city in Japan.

 I've received a pack filled with fresh scallops from my friend last week. It was gorgeous, absolutely a wonderful and surprising gift to me, and I decided to cook a variety foods by myself. But before doing anything....

 I have to do some preparation in order to have them easy to eat :)

 Okay, here I am, and I'll make sashimi, raw-fish-style at first :D
(That's what all Japanese do whenever they get fresh seafood :)

 Along with plain rice, green tea and avocado with a raw egg (I love having avocado with a raw egg by the way), it was a super nice lunch for me! :)

 In the next day, I cooked pasta with scallops. Seasoned with soy sauce and butter, it's one of my favourite pastas to me. (Believe me, the mixture sauce of soy sauce and butter is so cool ;)

 And photos other than scallop are....

 Looks I went out more frequently than before :)


Tokyo Cruise with an unique ship Himiko.

 In the middle of the extraordinary busy days with work, I found myself one day that I had to do something personal, more casual, unique thing rather than just shuttling between my home and the workplace like everyday. In that sense, getting on a ship sounded so fantastic to me. And more than that, it wasn't just a ship floated in the ocean we imagine, but it was more like a space ship: That's a cruise ship called "Himiko",  which connects spots including Odai-ba (お台場), Asakusa (浅草) located near the Tokyo Bay.

 No wonder why this ship looks so unique and special: It's designed by a well-known Anime and Manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, who made many famous works related to sci-fi including Galaxy Express 999.
 What interested me the most was that you can actually see many famous places from the ship: the popular destinations for foreigners: fish market Tsukiji(築地), Sumo Hall Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館), Rainbow bridge which was built over the bay, and many more. So I decided to get on from Asakusa, where is also another famous destination for both foreigners and Japanese.

 The ship station is very near from the subway station Asakusa, and I didn't have to see the map once I went out of it.

 Here it is....

 Buying "non-reserve seat" for myself (It was 1,), I went upstairs to wait for 15 minutes before riding. Fortunately, it was on a weekday and there were still a plenty of seats available. (It's 1,560yen for one person). And interestingly, it seemed I was the only Japanese at that time.

 And it's almost like a cockpit for spacecraft!

 After taking lunch at the ship's destination Odaiba, I decided to walk on the rainbow bridge. Having 1.7km of pedestrian road, we can actually walk on the bridge for free. (It cost some once ago, but not anymore) So.... let's go for walk :)

It looks you can bring your bicycle is you lock the wheel while on the bridge.

 As I kept walking, I found there's no toilet on the bridge, and I had to continue to walk until I reached on the other side of the land. It's mainly for cars and trains, so naturally, walking beside them is quite dusty, dirty air, plus so windy and cold at that time!! No surprise I saw less than a dozen of people. But I made it anyway, haha.

Cruise and walking on the Rainbow Bridge is one of my recommendation for sightseeing around the Tokyo Bay, and I'm sure I'll be back soon :)