Scallops from Hokkaido, a northern city in Japan.

 I've received a pack filled with fresh scallops from my friend last week. It was gorgeous, absolutely a wonderful and surprising gift to me, and I decided to cook a variety foods by myself. But before doing anything....

 I have to do some preparation in order to have them easy to eat :)

 Okay, here I am, and I'll make sashimi, raw-fish-style at first :D
(That's what all Japanese do whenever they get fresh seafood :)

 Along with plain rice, green tea and avocado with a raw egg (I love having avocado with a raw egg by the way), it was a super nice lunch for me! :)

 In the next day, I cooked pasta with scallops. Seasoned with soy sauce and butter, it's one of my favourite pastas to me. (Believe me, the mixture sauce of soy sauce and butter is so cool ;)

 And photos other than scallop are....

 Looks I went out more frequently than before :)


  1. Made me hungry! Lovely photos and the food looks delish! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm happy to see many of your comments :) Nice food makes me feel fulfilled!!