A piece of my life.

 I need some rest in a peaceful place!


Snow and foods.

Lots of thank you, and a big smile to you :)


Another famous ceramic town "Tokoname" in Aichi :)

 Let's begin with this huge cat :) Tokoname is a famous destination for pottery fan like me. Located by the ocean, this small city has been making a variety of ceramics, especially pots for making green tea for a long time. When you take them at someone's home, you probably notice a chestnut-colored pot with cups. Yes, it is from Tokoname City.

 For the record... I took it in a tea factory I visited last year, 2014:)
(I posted it here by the way ;)

 When you arrive at there, you can see a dozen of brick chimneys stood toward the sky. Although most of them aren't available now, it has us feel like coming a special place. So let's take a tour :)

 Because it was in the middle of New Year Holiday, few workshops were opened. Soo unlucky! I should come back soon (hopefully it becomes warm enough to walk all day :)