A piece of my life.

 I need some rest in a peaceful place!


  1. こんにちは!

    Learn to paint? Wow you're taking it to the next level already!
    I am curious how your work will turn out, be sure to show it once completed :D it must be great!

    Ooooohhh those cheeses look delicious, what kinds did you taste? :)
    And where was it ? Tell me all about it please ^^

    とにかく、元気か? ;D

    ちなみに、 I changed my name on my google account, but ofc its still me ;3

    1. Suzanne-san, good morning :)
      Forgive me for such a late reply, I had to finish some chores.
      Speaking of drawing, I started to paint colors with pencils recently!
      It's much difficult and takes time than drawing with a single color, but so interesting to me :)

      Well, I'm pretty fine anyway, thank you^^
      Oh, I'm sure I easily recognized you in spite of your new look account :D

  2. It's been a while!How have you been?
    Nice photos!and that Ae-1 is so nice^^ a friend of mine has the same camera..Are you getting back to film?

    Anyway I hope you are spending a good weekend.

    1. Hi Megu-san!
      Over here things became much better.
      I started a new job at a Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu restaurant, which just started yesterday :)
      Oh, is it Ae-1?
      I took this picture years ago with people met in Online, and we gathered at Centrair, an airport in Aichi Prefecture.

      I hope you have a nice weekend too.
      And don't forget to be away from a huge monitor every now and then!
      (I tend to avoid it so frequently these days though, haha)