Amazing buffet-style restaurant for crab.

 Eating as much as crabs you want in a restaurant would be fun, if it were not a luxury, expensive treat. Especially in Japan, people often don't afford to have it simply because it's too expensive. One evening, however, a friend of mine offered me to come to a buffet style restaurant featuring for crab. Well, There's no reason to hesitate, so I decided to join it :)

 Walking into a slightly tiny hotel near a subway station, I found a party-style hall down there. It might be used primary for weddings or some cooperation-related-parties, I assumed. But this time, they had a dozen of round tables and a good number of plates topped with meals that are lined up in the corner. Amazingly enough, drinks were also available for free! Oh, it's no way missing this opportunity! :)

 Tempra, pretty nice quality of steaks, Japanese dishes and more. Hmmm...I was too astonished to get it all!

 Of course, I began with a crab leg. One by one, sometimes dipped with unique sweet sour sauce kani-su (蟹酢), while mostly without taking anything but crab itself so to taste it deeply. 
 With enormous amount of crab legs, I soon ceased to count how many of them I had already had. As the night goes on and other tables got so crowed, it convinced me once again that I love food, not only cooking myself, but also having it ;)


wandering places.

sometimes....I feel desperately in need of going out to get some air, somewhere unusual.