Tokyo Camii, mosque in Tokyo.

I like mosque !

I visited to Tokyo Camii in the morning. since I am a morning person, I usually visit someplace just after its open.

It seemed this mosque looks like Turkish style. Located near Yoyogi-uehara station, I walked for 30 minutes from Shibuya station though.

It's been a while since I visited a mosque last time !

I'm not a Muslim, nor Buddhist, I just believe myself. Still, I respect people who has faith. Even sometime I thought I had had faith. Japan is considered to be a Buddhist country, but many of us don't go to the temple except new year, many of us take wedding ceremony in church. So, are we Buddhist ? Of course there are many people who are faithful especially older person.

I heard some years ago on TV that there are about 75,000 Muslims in this country. Population in Japan is about 128 million, so it's quite rare to see Muslims.

Not only there are few Muslims, but also many Japanese don't know well about Islam. After 9.11, some people have preoccupation that Islam and Muslims are dangerous. I found how peaceful they are when I traveled Middle East, so I try people around me not to have such a bad thought. By the way, I traveled there for three times... I love Middle East :)

Tokyo camii was much more beautiful than I first expected. Worth visiting even if you are not Muslim. This mosque opens for anyone and you can shoot photograph if you ask and permitted at the front desk. I want to visit again !

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