Before getting back to my country.

 It was 2005 when I first traveled abroad by myself. Ever since, traveling has been something special for me and anytime I feel tired being in my country, I packed my belongings to leave somewhere besides Japan. My destination was usually so called "developing country". Why? It's quite simple. They have many things that my country lost a long time ago. Poverty? Unequivalent?  No, that's not what I want to say at all. Their honesty, kind relationship and so forth keep attracting me, and that's why I come back over and over. In this traveling to Central America, I discovered similar feeling toward them. Truly, I want to be a person who is always able to see them.  Well, I'll be back to my country tomorrow :)


  1. So you're finally home again! How does it feel, have you been taking some rest? Or are you already working hard at ひばりこーひー again?
    Tomorrow I have a day off of college, so I have time to do some stuff for myself, write mail to you and many other things ^^
    じゃあね! :DD

    1. Suzanne-san, good morning ;)

      Yes, I had a plenty of rest, I think too much rest, haha.
      Sleeping 16 hours a day? :)
      I also started to work again AND!
      Today it's Sunday so I plan to go to the city to buy some books and magazines :D
      Unfortunately it's raining now, but not snow.
      How about your place? Is it cold?^^