A snowy day and sushi.

 "It's been a while since I visited the sushi restaurant last time." As I opened up the entrance door, I thought myself. It was mid afternoon when I came in, and there were no one inside. "Oh, it's you, I've been waiting for you to come." The chef wearing Japanese traditional clothes showed up from the backyard. "I just got back from Central America last week and thought it's a good idea to taste some great sushi here." I answered him while sitting back in one of the chairs on the counter table.

 We chatted a lot of topics  from my journey to Central American countries to my neighbor farms. Before I paid for the lunch, he took me a plastic bag filled with fish. "Here, it's for your dinner." He smiled.  I promised him to visit again soon, then left there with waving my hands.

To this day, Tokyo is too huge and busy city for me. If I didn't have my iPhone, I couldn't have gotten right trains to the destinations. So many different trains, and so many people here and there. But I'm staying in here for now.

 Okay, I'll start from right here :)

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