cooking by myself ;)

 Starting my day with a couple of great coffee, some breads, and other stuff if I want. Cool :) The quality of each breakfast determines my entire day, therefore I have to eat as delicious foods as possible to boost myself :) Given the fact that all I ate at breakfast was tea, it's an incredible progress. It's funny to seek my pictures taken within a year. At first I began to shoot my breakfast for nothing in particular reason. As I kept doing it, I realized the increase amount of it as well as the quality. I was a person who really didn't like eating breakfast, or even smell it. If I take some tea, that's fine. If I had some leftovers in my fridge, then eat them at lunch. However, I liked eating. Lunch and dinner weren't enough for me, so I started to have a breakfast every day.

Later on, I became more frequent cock. Eating out itself is enjoyable for me, with a unique food and interior, I like everything. But if they are closed, what am I going to do? I do it myself ;) I prefer to cook myself so that I can eat better one anytime I want, my all-time favorite, like midnights or 5 o'clock in the early mornings. We don't have to be able to cook, I personally think so. There are many people working too hard to cook, those go to restaurants almost every day. I'm absolutely opposite, I like creating something rather than prepared, ordinary ones. And I want to take care of myself. That idea reminds me of my friends, most of whom are creators, designers for web sites, musicians, and chefs. I simply like creating and crafting by my own hands as well as looking at someone doing it. It's just beautiful and breathtaking, I always respect them deeply.

  Such idea even brought me to the Central America to see coffee farms. We probably don't have to know it, the process, how they plant, grow, harvest and so on. We might be nothing to do with it. But I wanted to understand what it's like, so I just followed my desire. Like my last trip there, I go into their kitchens whenever I travel. The South East Asia, of course, Middle East and Africa. I joined to cook together to learn Swahili food in Nairobi. Yes, I definitely like it and keep on doing it for the time being :)

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