Outing, outing, outing!

 These days I have a lot of things to tackle on, and every now and then I remember my hometown. Since it was a three day holiday last weekend, I went back to Nagoya to take rests. The home I grew up, the restaurant I once worked for, forest and a tiny mountain in front of my home, everything is still there and it helped me stay an ease.

 The last day was going back to Tokyo. Since highways usually get heavy traffic jams on holiday, I took a first bullet train in the morning. Thanks to the Sun coming up earlier, I could touch cool air on the way to the station.

 Here, it's between the sea and a lake in Shizuoka Prefecture, I used to come here to fishing with my neighbor when I was a kid :)

 After getting back to my home in Tokyo, I went to a Korean restaurant to have a lunch. They are always good, hot and spicy ;) I think I ate too much haha.

 Walking in a park in Shinjuku is really fun, so I went there after eating Korean. Some cherry blossoms started to bloom, and many people gathered around them to take pictures. I guess it'll take two weeks to become full bloom. Last time I visited this park at the time of full bloom, I had to wait for entering there for an hour due to so many people. In this year 2014, I'll be small unknown place to see it ;)

 Spring is gonna be soon ;)


  1. It seems like you are very much taking advantage of the nice weather over there!
    もうすぐ、オランダにもさくらをみられる :) 楽しそう!
    oh I got your mail, but I am sooooo busy with studying for my exams that I haven't found the time to mail you back. メルには、全部日本語を使いたい ^^ but that takes a lot of time for me of course ;p
    うなぎ、すずき、シャケ、マグロ。おおああ (:
    レストランでたべるつもりです。 :D

    またね! :D

    1. Good morning Suzanne-chan, is it still cold in your place?
      It' getting warmer and warmer here in Tokyo, today it's going to be rain but the temperature is good enough :)
      So, do you have cherry blossoms in your country too? How nice!
      Where are they especially planted?
      Here you can enjoy it generally by rivers, on streets, in temples and such, you can see it everywhere :D
      And, you don't have to hurry to respond my mail, do what you have to deal with now, then if you want to take some time relaxed, write me^^

      Your brother's birthday is soon coming?
      What's your plan for the gift?^^