Visiting an "all $1 sushi" restaurant.

 I met a friend from Kenya a couple days ago and we discuss what we eat for dinner. I thought it might be wonderful to bring her to this kind of casual style sushi restaurant, so we went :)  Let me show you what it's like and how it works ;)

 Although many people consider sushi as expensive food, it's not always like that. We have a plenty restaurants for budget friendly sushi restaurants here and there. I chose "Sushi-ro", one of the most famous and popular ones which serves most sushi about $1.

 Since it's cheap and children oriented, you usually have to line up to wait for a while. Just reserve with a booking machine, then it gives you a paper that tells expected time for waiting.

 After ten-minute waiting, they took us a table which can seat six people for maximum. Since we were only three, we put our jackets beside us and began to eat. They have screens for each seat so we can order with it, not only choose from conveyor belts.

 There are many meals besides sushi, and that's the biggest reason why I chose here to come. If you don't like sushi, then eat other meals such as deep fried chicken, french fried, Japanese noodle "udon (about udon, see this post)", etc. Regardless to say, there are so many fish for sushi, and wen can't remember or tell everything. So what are we gonna do? 

We switch the language :) To tell the truth, I didn't know we could change it, perhaps they've introduced recently.

 Wow, it seems to work well :D Now we can select from several categories from gorgeous yet a bit expensive sushi to desserts like chocolate cakes.

 The funny thing is that even when you order sushi by yourself, they flow it on the conveyor in front of your table. So keep on feeling comfortable until it comes. Once your sushi approach to your seat, the beep starts with the machine voice that tells you about it. But how can we find our own sushi from the others? There are a bunch of them on it. Actually, it's quite easy to find: each seat has a color, and my seat was yellow at that time. You can find other colors like green, silver and such when you look around the restaurant.

 You see the yellow on my table, it's written in Japanese and colored, so you won't get confused :)

The ordered sushi comes with a yellow labeled stand. Don't take anything other colors, it's for someone's :)

 One thing I always do: I prefer to order this kind of gunkan style sushi. You can find it on conveyor belt thought, you have better order it because those black seaweeds easily get damp. Most people enjoy its fresh texture when we eat it, so don't take something left for a long time, just ask them to make fresh one ;) The word gunkan is from warship by the way, the shape looks like it.

 Tea, sweet and sour sliced gingers are complimentary, I usually take too much, haha.

 As I told you on top of this article, you can find many other foods. I took some deep fried chickens and potatoes to share with others.

 When you're satisfied, push the button to call for the charge. They soon come and count how much it is. It's pretty easy, isn't it? I frequently eat sushi both in my house and outside. And I can live only eating sushi 365 days a year. However, I don't afford to get great sushi on a daily basis, since good sushi easily hit $100 or above for lunch or dinner. When I want to enjoy it casually, I go to this kind of restaurant and that day was only $25 for three people. Considering the fact I spent $30 last time I ate sushi, it was way cheaper for me ;)


  1. Such nice photo's you have taken in that restaurant.
    I'm always a bit hesitant about taking photographs in such an environment, because people start looking at me so much Xd It makes me shy to take out my camera.
    But how nice those sushi look, and for that price!
    I'va always wanted to try conveyor belt sushi, the concept is fun I think :;D

    Guess what!
    I am going for sushi this thursday, with my brother ;3
    I was thinking about having the squid and octopus, and unagi ^^
    I haven't had much of those, so I need to try them more often.

    Okay , time for my kanji practice.


    >somehow my japanese keyboard isn't working today, too bad :(

    1. Good morning, Suzanne-chan! :D

      So did you enjoy tasting sushi last Thursday?
      That day I was heading to Nagoya again to spend my holiday and see my Kenyan friend there.
      my parents and I discussed eat sushi last weekend, but we didn't make it!
      Too bad :(
      Squid, octopus and eel? Those are all my favorite :)
      Despite it became much expensive to eat eel these days because of difficulty in getting them, people in this country can't go without eels!
      Today I'll go to a city to eat macarons with my boss and colleagues :)