Brazilian churrasco restaurant Barbacoa in Roppongi

 With chic, elegant interior and gorgeous buffet style grill, the Brazilian churrasco restaurant Barbacoa in Roppongi is a must place to go (Official web site is here). One day in January, I arranged meeting with my friend to have some fun lunch there.

 As I walked in, I noticed the absence of customers inside. That wasn't surprising me, after all. They'd  just opened it, and I was the first one to come in. Well, it seems I have plenty of time to take photos :)

 In the kitchen, there are whole meat rolling in the oven, yummy flavour was spilling over the restaurant. So...it's time to eat :)

They gave me a small plastic coin with one side of green while the other marked with dark gray. It tells chefs if we need more meat to have: when I put the coin with green colour, they keep bringing meats. When I turn over the coin, show gray side, they stop. What they've got was...

Not only grilled beef, pork, lamb, but also cheese and pineapples. It's great to have a slice of warmed pineapple, which was even more juicy and sweet :)


 After taking a variety of food, I headed up in 49th floor, where they have limited library.  I was supposed to study all afternoon, but fallen in asleep once I sit back. Well, that happens to me every time I become so content. No regret! At all!! :)

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