An afternoon at Haneda Airport.

 Sometimes we have to go out when we feel frustrated in our daily life. In that case, Haneda Airport,mainly used for domestic flights and LCCs but also for international flight in recent years, may be a good destination to visit. I went to the airport a couple weeks ago, just see the planes and the passengers go back and forth. Despite people rushed in and out of the airport, I was waiting for nothing in particular. I climbed on a deck nearby, then took a glance once in a while, especially when a loud sound wrapped on it.

 One thing I noticed about the airport was we can visit without any purpose. We can drink, eat in a fine restaurant, and buy clothes and stuff. It was like a mega shopping mall. Since I like this kind of place, I spent much more time than I expected.

I was lucky I found Mt. Fuji before I left. Also, Sky Tree and Tokyo Bay was in my sight. It was a nice afternoon :)

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