Chita Peninsula and fish market :)

 Whenever I got tired of hot weather, I drive my car to the south until it reaches the ocean. Recent couple of weeks, this country gets more and more severe temperature, so it was time to get back to my hometown to head to the sea :)

 I was supposed to work while I was on the bullet train. What made it impossible was the comfortable seat which prevented me from overwork. I slept, and once I awake and looked outside of the window, it was almost in my hometown Nagoya.

 Well, let's go to the sea, shall we? :)

 The reason I repeatedly come back to the sea is to eat nice fish and foods. While it's available to enjoy at some cool and sophisticated facilities, I tend to spend more time in a local fish market. "No two things are the same" I always think that way in the market ;)


  1. こんにちは:D


    バカンス見たい ;p なんか、景色は全然違って、他の国見たいです。


    1. Hi, Suzanne-san! :)
      Yes, it's been a while since I posted last time because I hadn't taken much pictures at that time.
      It looks I guradually healing myself ;)

      So what's it like eating fish in your country?
      Is it rare to have it without cooking like raw?
      Actually, I haven't eaten them for a week or so, well I decided I eat fish today! :D

      Going to sea is something special for me.
      It really makes me feel I can start all over again :)

      Also I'll eat out today! Finally! ;)

    2. Eating fish without cooking it first is really really rare in my country.
      The first thing that pops up in my mind which comes closest to raw fish is something we call ´haring´.
      Or ´herring´ in English. But still this is pickled herring, so not raw like when you eat sashimi.
      Anyhow, it is seen as a true delicacy here and I believe almost every Dutch person has either eaten one or heard from it. ^^
      As for me, I love eating herring.
      Of course you can eat them all year round.
      But there's this kind we call "Hollandse Nieuwe", which is what we call the herring when they are eaten while they are still very young and contain a high percentage of fat.
      They're like... the first new batch of the herring season and these only come round in the months Juni-Juli-August.
      (Yes, I can eat Hollandse Nieuwe right now if I'd like to!)
      The taste is really mild, in contrast to when the herring grows older~when you can no longer call it Hollandse Nieuwe~

      Okay, sorry if this fish story is a little boring haha.
      Oh and thanks for the postcard! I like the photo :D

    3. Thank you for your kind explanation, I remember once you told me about "Hollandse Nieuwe".
      Although I've never tasted it, I imagine what it's like. Here in Japan, we also have pickled raw fish and sushi, such as "shime-saba".
      Have you tried the one? It's my favorite^^
      (Because I like it so much, I sometimes cook it myself :)
      You know, it's curious people cook similar way, despite they live such different places and climates.
      That's why I love heading to kitchens whenever I travel abroad.
      (I have so many pictures taken in kitchens where I visited for the first time, haha)

      Oh, I went to see a photo gallery featuring cats today.
      (Remember the photo book I sent for your birthday? It was his photo gallery!)