In spite of extreme busy days I'd had, I went out with my lovely SLR and took some. Taking pictures is one of my small pleasure in life. Here it's Meguro river again but in the evening :) Yes, it's unusual for me both to drink alcohol and to go out in the evening. It was 500 yen for one sparkling wine, for the record :D

There were plenty of sakura, cherry blossoms along the narrow river. Because it was about 18:00, just after finishing business hours, many people enjoyed walking along this beautiful place with their friends, colleagues, and families. I was alone by the way, haha :)

Without a doubt, Tokyo is a train city. Due to heavy traffic jams when you drive a car, you had better get on them and can go anywhere, if you will. It's Yamanote-line, one of my favorite one ;)

 Went under an overpass near Akihabara, the electricity city...

 Wow, looks like an old restaurant, isn't it?

Eating Ramen, noodle near my home,

 On the way back to my home ;)

Classic and new Tokyo Station! I actually was supposed to go back to my hometown Nagoya at that time. With some misunderstanding with my boss and stuffs, I finally quit one of my job last week. Things aren't good these days though, I'll do what I can do with all my effort :)

"Where's Nikko pt2?!" you think? Hmmmmm....Next time, sorry!

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