Something inside me.

 As a child, I cried at anything, when my father got angry, when my lovely pet passed away, when I felt so lonely, anytime I cried. Seemingly, this child-like habit has still remained in my mind.

 Still, I've never even thought I have to fix it. I wanted to be a kind person when I was a child. That was my dream as well as destination. Not the rich, nor joining a big company. Those prosperity really doesn't matter for me. "Go ahead, don't pretend to be something I am not" I always say myself.

 As it turned out, I became a part-time jobber at this moment. Okay, there's nothing worry about. Since I realized long before that I need triple times longer than others when I do something, I just make triple efforts.

 While I was grown up as a person who don't believe any religion, I strongly respect someone believe it. Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and so on. They are someone who I can't be.

 Instead of religion, I begun to believe people around me such as family, friends who care me. Loving close people deeply, Taking pleasure in walking on neighborhood to see the change of seasons and chatting what I saw with my friends forever. I strongly believe it makes life worthwhile.

 Yes, absolutely I'm not cut out to be a member of this busy, competitive world. However, I am what I am. Well......

Me ;)


  1. Nice warm day today and sunshine, at last Spring is here! I hope you dont have to work today and can enjoy simple things outside!

    1. Sorry for making you waited... I was too busy to come back here. Finally the weather turned great again. We have warm and good weathers this week! Let's enjoy ;)