You can do it! :)

Shortly after finishing my work, I rushed to Tokyo Station and hopped in a bus which brings me to my hometown Nagoya.I was so exhausted that most of the time I was asleep. That was the story of last week.

 Those two pictures are taken one of rest stops in the express way. Yes, I love this kind of "old-fashioned things".

And it's yesterday from Nagoya to Tokyo, I took a bullet train.

It was a beautiful morning, I could see Mt. Fuji clearly and which isn't that usual.

Whatever happens, I'll never stop enjoying eating :)


  1. Suzanne4/11/2013

    It's been a while since you updated! I really like the second picture from above as well as the last one. As you know, I enjoy traditional and old-fashioned things as well. I hope to see some new posts again soon!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    1. Suzanne-san!
      Since I went back and forth here and there, I couldn't find time to update my blog.
      But today, finally I came back!
      Just a moment, I'll post some more :)

  2. Just came back from a trip in Naoshima, Kurashiki and Tomonoura: was really nice!!!! I put some pics on my blog but they are really crap compared to yours ;)

    Have you booked your tickets to France for this summer ?

    Have a good week-end!

    1. Wowwwwww, did you enjoy Naoshima, Kurashiki and Tomonoura?! To tell the truth, I'm planning to go to Izumo by Sunrise Izumo!!
      I'll avoid to get there during Golden Week, so I think it will be around June.

      Due to quit one of my job, I couldn't help but giving up traveling Europe this summer :(
      Too sad...
      But still I would like to see your friend coming to Japan.
      If we have a chance to meet, feel free to tell me ;)

  3. Very nice pictures!

    I especially love the picture of Mt.Fuji!
    keep it up!Just continue doing the things you love.

    1. Megu-san, thank you very much!
      How's your job hunting? It appears you are so busy... but I always enjoy reading your posts and like your pictures as well :D My father is there in Toyama prefecture to take care of my grandmother. I'll visit her again soon ;)