Ekiben, boxed meals for train.

One of the most enjoyable thing when I get on a train is eating Ekiben, or lunch box for a train. They are sold in and around big stations such as Tokyo Station, and you can choose from variety of them. Since I bought some of them a few days ago, let me show you them, okay? :)

It says "Tokyo Bento". The name "Ekiben" means "Station (eki)" and "lunch box (bento)" respectively. "To" is gone somewhere, probably it's abbreviated I think.

When you open a cover, you'll see colorful meals like Japanese pickles, broiled salmon (It was amazingly good taste!) and so forth. Let's see the next...

Recently they put a menu of Ekiben inside, you can find where ingredients are gathered, what kind of food they put inside it ;)

I found a lot of Ekiben in Tokyo Station by the way, maybe they are over 30 of them available. Not only Japanese style, but also Chinese, Italian, and European style Ekiben are there.

The last one is seafood sushi style lunch box! I like it! ;) Most of ekiben are about 800-1200yen each. Not that cheap as a boxed lunch. But it's surely one of the traditional things in my country :D


  1. Suzanne4/30/2013

    I didn't know there was a special name for the bento that was sold in train stations! :)
    They sure look very good, it's almost like they're home-cooked. And for that price it seems like you get nice quality ingredients.
    But if you have this ekiben for lunch, it seems to me like you won't have to eat anything else for the rest of the day. Like it's so filling.

    1. おはよう、Suzanne-san!
      Since people in Japan like both train and food, it looks natural that we eat Ekiben on train :)
      Bento is really nice, I would like to introduce other category of it soon ;)
      Oh, I ate Chinese food in a restaurant after getting off the train.
      I ate too much I think! :D