Toyama Prefecture, where I really like.

It was mid February when I was told my grandmother went into hospital because of sickness. I decided then and there that I was going to go to Toyama Prefecture where she lives to take care of her. Soon after that information, I packed all of things in my bag, left my home in Tokyo. It took almost two weeks spending there, forced me to quit one of my job in Tokyo as a result. Well, I don't regret anything about it. That is that.

Toyama is a beautiful place to visit, nice to place to eat sushi and so forth. Many people from abroad could skip there though, I emphasize that it's one of hidden places to see.

I brought my lovely dog to Toyama, lived with him in a big house where my grandmother lives, but not lived at that time. Typically I have nothing to do, just went to the hospital to see her once or twice a day, ate sushi  on the way back home, fed my dog and slept early in the evening.

 While there, I ate sushi almost every day. There was a sushi restaurant which serves good ones yet budget friendly. Since Toyama is famous for fresh seafood, especially in winter, it was a good opportunity for me to eat it.

 I like there a lot. Not only because it's my ancestors' home, but also it's a good place to visit repeatedly. You can find fascinating old street and easily spend hours there, the food is great.

 Fortunately, my grandmother became better and came back to her home. Well, I'll be always thinking of my short stay :)



  1. Happy golden week!!!! It has been really busy lately but at last I can relax during this long week-end and enjoy your nice posts, so many places to visit in Japan!!!! Enjoy the beautiful day!!!

    1. I was wondering what you were doing! I'm glad to hear from you again :) So, you are quite busy lately...Me too! :( But let's enjoy this days off and nice weather! ;)