Shinagawa Aquarium, and more ;)

It was my inaugural visit to Shinagawa Aquarium yesterday. My friend, my family, and  I all had thought that it was located in or next to, or at least near Shinagawa Station. Prior to our visit there, I happened to check their public website on the way to Shinagawa and found myself that it is not in that station: its nearest station is 6 stops away from Shinagawa Station (oh...)! But it makes sense, considering that we have Shinagawa City in Tokyo. It's not only a name of the station, haha. "It's okay", we said. The weather was perfect, the temperatures were a bit higher than we expected, but it didn't matter to us. We jumped into a Singaporean restaurant before moving to the aquarium.

It was a first time for me to eat food in Singapore. I chose a meal of cooked crab. Along with the Japanese ' love of seafood, they truly love eating crabs. I don't think crab is not that delicious. It always makes me confused when I eat, I can't make it good with scissors and a unique spoon  which is only made for eating crabs.

I couldn't eat it like I expected, so my family took my dish and made it instead of me.

 The dish tasted good, the atmosphere was well enough :D

After enjoying Singapore food, we took a train and finally...

We were here ;)

Shinagawa Aquarium is not a big one I personally think. However, I like it because of its compact, well thought out program and such.

Looks like ^_^ ?! He's a ray! I heard his Ocellated things  are actually his nose :)


Aquariums are one of my favorite pastimes. Sitting in front of tanks and absently take a glance it once in a while, I could easily spend hours there. I like fish and once kept many kinds of them in my room when I was a kid. Taking care for creatures was the happiest moment of my childhood and aquarium reminds me of it all.


Can you tell what it is? It's a durian! I found it the day before yesterday in a grocery. Because you can't find it easily in Japan, I bought and ate it with my friend and family.


It's been 8 years since I last ate durian. Back in 2005, I was 18-year-old boy who lived in Cambodia where supplies plenty of it. Oh, I still remember that ;) The smell wasn't strong, we really enjoyed chatting during eating.


My friend who met yesterday and I first met each other at the funeral of our common friend who dove into a train in the summer of 2006. I just came back to Japan from the Middle East at that time, and more importantly, my friend and I kept a promise that we were going to see each other a week later to talk about my experience in the Middle East. I brought some souvenirs for her that couldn't give forever as a result. That's how we met. 7 years flied, I still couldn't help but thinking if she is here with us. Soon we have a summer which reminds us of our bitter ends. Well, don't worry, I'll always remember you.


  1. おはよう!

    Woooww this aquarium seems like a great place!
    The fish have these beautiful colours which look really good on your photographs.
    I guess you had a very nice time there :)

    So you ate durian, you know my grandpa bought it once (He's indonesian and really likes the fruit) but I have to be honest, it's the most weird fruit I have ever tasted in my life so far. The texture is weird: it is creamy-like and looks like some kind of smooth pulp.
    The smell can be god-awful. The entire house smelled like durian for a day or so.
    Lets just say I don't like it.
    Maybe there will come another opportunity for me to eat it, and then I will try again.
    However, the way I remember it, it was not very tasty. It just takes getting used to, I believe.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to your mail.
    Oh and I updated my account so that's why my name is different on this comment
    This will be a permanent thing ;)


    1. Suzanne-san :) :)
      Good morning! How are you today?
      It's warm weather here in my country, the forecast said it will be rain for a few days from tomorrow, well, let's enjoy sunny Saturday! :)

      Oh...You don't like durian? Somehow I thought you would say so ;) Haha, now that I've known you a lot, I could even imagine what you like :p
      The smell wasn't hard for me, I think it wasn't a durian which has strong smell. I heard there are durians which are graded up without much smell.

      I mailed you a couple days ago though, I didn't write everything.
      Well, I can't have it all just you told me before.
      All of my family are fine, including my grandmother.
      I plan to go to Toyama prefecture to see her in the end of May :)

      The last thing!
      You changed your account this time, wow :)
      It's nice, isn't it?
      I really like it :)


  2. Hello!
    I really like the color of your pictures in digital!
    I feel like I am also travelling every time I check your blog.. I hope I can visit different places too before I graduate from Uni.

    By the way!I really want to try crab and shrimp but I have Seafood Allergies >__<;

    1. Megu-san, Good morning :)

      I bought a book about using Photoshop Lightroom about a few months ago and it really helped to develop my picture! Oh, when is your commencement by the way? Is it next spring? I hope you enjoy traveling, and let me know if you drop in at Tokyo :)

      Seafood Allergies! So sad since you live in the place where is known as seafood :(