One unstable day.

Having trouble with my mental health happens on a daily basis. There's no prediction I could do early on, it just shows up by surprise, knocking me out, and gone suddenly just like when it emerged. This severe problem happened a few days ago. Doing overdose of sleeping medicines was the only way not to let me down anymore at that point.

I have been just after waking up when one of my family came back. She brought me to a restaurant (I don't remember that), the first picture of this post speaks I ordered and ate a noodle, although I didn't even remember until I checked my camera out the next day.

I.... I'm sorry for everything and everyone. Living in peace is my only wish. My doing which did a few days ago was completely opposite and insulting everyone who warmly care for me. Indeed, I am on the way to make a change, make things better. It takes time perhaps more than once I imagined. But I will never give up, like my past life.

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