To the person who I really like, respect, and think of.

Let me call it, "Holland style pasta with green asparagus" :)


  1. おはようございますFutoshi-kun(o´ω`o)ノ

    Today you are going to Nagoya for a week!
    So you did cook asparagus! I have to be honest, when I woke up and I saw in my mailbox that you made another post I got so happy. I almost jumped up in bed when I noticed that it was about this dish haha! (*≧艸≦)

    It certainly looks very nice :)

    Now you enjoy your day and have a safe trip !
     じゃあ、またね ~(^◇^)/

    Oh and I bought lots of goodies for you today, I'll have you look forward to it. Just one or two more things and I think it will be perfect ^^

    1. こんにちわ!
      I heard rainy season has started.
      How are you holding up? Is the weather really bad?
      Over here it is now :( Sadly it has been raining all morning.
      But, if I am correct the temperatures will increase over the coming days :)

      By the way, I was supposed to do my French exam today.
      However, it leaked onto the internet so it could be downloaded.
      Some students stole it and someone published it afterwards.
      Saying that he/she knew that there were students who had stolen the exam and by publishing it everyone will have equal chances at the re-sit.
      My re-sit is tomorrow the 30th of May from 13.30 till 16.00

      I was kind of stressing out, because I was mentally prepared for it today and now I feel a little confused.
      A lot of vague statements went out and the authorities kept us in the dark for quite a long time.
      >>It took them 15 hours to give a definitive answer about what to do(!!)
      Moreover, a lot of students I knew were planning to go on a holiday tomorrow, all of their flights had to be cancelled.

      Well, I have to relax now because I got very nervous about all the contradictory statements of this morning. I need to find myself some distraction :) Your blog already helped me! ほんとうにありがとうございます。

    2. Hi! Suzanne-san, thank you for your comments :D
      Thanks to your kind and warm mail, I could cook easily.
      And, I have to be honest as well: The pasta I cooked that day was one of the most delicious pasta in my life.
      I'm not exaggerating at all, they are just great.

      Oh, I arrived safely at Nagoya yesterday.
      My mother had a day off, so we went to the restaurant where I worked when I was a university student.
      Well let me tell you one thing.
      I visited and ate in the restaurant today too!
      And actually, tomorrow as well, haha.
      The chef in the restaurant told me to come eat as long as I stay in Nagoya :)

      I should have sent something to you today, but since I wanted to add two more things, I'm waiting for them to come tomorrow.
      If they reach, I will directly send them to you ;)

    3. About your exam that was planned to take today...
      It was really surprising for me.
      I mean, let me see...Is it daily happening?
      If it happens in my country, it would be the huge news and shock to our society.
      There was the case like your French exam a few years ago in japan.
      A student published questions of the exam to ask answers.
      After it was coming to light, the news featured about it almost a week or two.

      I'm sorry to hear that you are nervous now.
      Okay, here's some pictures with me now, and I think it's time to update :)
      Are you ready? :)

    4. おはよう!ヾ(^-^)ノ

      I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the pasta so much :)
      And it's nice to see you updated (’-’*)
      Talking to you really hepls and I found some things to do today.
      I had to buy gifts for my dad's birthday, which is on the 13th of June (the same day the results from my exam come in! )
      Tomorrow's a fresh start and I believe I will do well.
      Then, finally I can celebrate my holiday which lasts until the beginning of september.
      Yes, that's right, I have 3 full months off now haha.
      Of course I will be working a lot, save a lot of money so I can come visit you next summer ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

      Ah I remember the restaurant you are speaking off.
      It must be a special place since you will be eating there tomorrow as well! And how nice that your mother was home when you got there, she must have been happy to see you again.

      Wow you sure make me curious about your gift.
      I bought one last thing for you today.
      And I will ship my box to Japan soon, I only have to fill in the right forms and then it's done :)

      Now about my exam, it does not happen often.
      This has been the first time since many years and it was quite big news.
      The newspapers were on top of it.
      I expect it to be featured for over a week since they are investigating the whole thing.
      Like at which school it was stolen and who might have done it.
      The probably will intensify the security next year, because it was easily stolen this time.

      Now enjoy your day, and keep me updated ;)

    5. Goood morning, Suzanne-san :)

      Your father's birthday is 13th of June.
      Okay, I've already filled it in my iphone calender as well as yours :D

      Wow, you have almost three moths holiday!! It remind me of two months holiday when I was an university student. We had twice a year, in summer and spring, that means 4 months in total. It looked like I traveled abroad and sometime went to school, yes, I should have been vice versa, haha.

      I'm in my hometown right now, this morning the sky is blue!
      Today I have an appointment with my friend in university.
      Since he is a person in a wheelchair and difficult to go out in rainy days, we weren't sure whether we could see tonight.
      If it was going to rain just like the forecast said a couple days ago, we couldn't help but giving up.
      Seemingly, we are lucky this time :D

      Guess what?
      I'll cook Oliebollen while I'm in Nagoya!
      Although my parents are all out for a few days, when they're back, I'll be welcome with Oliebollen!

      Okay, I'm going to the restaurant I once worked for and eat some lunch there :)

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