Nikko, March 2013, pt1.

I went to Nikko the other day. I'd longed for visiting there for a long time when I was in Nagoya where I was born though, it was far from there to visit Nikko. Since I moved to Tokyo two years ago and it's enough for the one day trip, finally I decided to go there.

I was really looking forward to be there because I read an article of there a few years ago. It was a French person who wrote it and he said, "Nikko is a great place, could be comparable with Palace of Versailles"

Well, I've never been to France nor Palace of Versailles, however, you can't compare with it....I have to admit that and disappointed much...

Yes, it's a place where you can enjoy a whole day or two, walk around Japanese Gardens gently, listening to explanations that guides say and so on. I just... expected overly.

Well, it's "Ema"! People buy this and write their hope, such as "wish to marry him", "hope to pass the exam of that university". I really like reading those things, I mean, their hopes. It always makes me feel happy.

I found this thing for the first time..."ringtoss of luckiness". You toss three rings and you will be luck if rings are tossed successfully.

The weather wasn't good as you see, but doesn't matter you know :D


It's an old tea house :)

Although I was suppose to write all of story about Nikko, it seems I ran out of my energy and time as well! Please looking forward to the next post :)


  1. Good day!!! Ah too bad you were disappointed by Nikko! May be for french people it is exotic and therefore much more impressive than Versailles :) I actually prefer Nikko to Versailles :) Even though I agree with you, you can't really compare them, they are really distinct. Have a pleasant sunday!

    1. Hi there! Wow, you prefer Nikko to Versailles?! Well, that's true, we just can't compare! By the way, do you enjoy walking streets with full of cherry blossoms?! While I was supposed to update about Nikko again, I changed my mind to write about sakura this year! :D