Making home-made sparkling green tea in my kitchen.

I took a unique green tea in a day when I visited Uogashi tea shop, located near the fish market Tsukiji. It was in the late spring, and I felt the atmosphere of the summer at that time. So their special sparkling green tea, fresh but dense taste, helped me refresh, and since I was so curious, I asked them if I could make it in my home. The answer was "yes" and they kindly told how to do it.

So.... I'd like to show you the way :)

What we need are...
                1tsp of green tea leaves
                500ml of sparkling water
                1 empty tea bag

If you can't find an empty tea bag, you can replace it to a tea strainer.

 1 First, grain the leaves a bit so that it can be extracted well enough in sparkling water. Then, place the leaves to the empty tea bag.
 2 To make some space for the tea bag, remove some amount (50ml or so) of sparkling water from the bottle, and put the leaves with a tea bag in it.
 3 Keep soaking it in a cool place for a day, then pull out.
 4 Take the bottle, and up side down once with care. Slowly and softly, to make sure it's mixed equally.

If you use a strainer instead of a tea bag, you can directly put tea leaves in a bottle of sparkling water, and leave it for a day as well. When you drink it, get some empty bottle, and use a strainer to filter the leaves :)

Now,  enjoy :) 

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