Kushi bar.

Last weekend I walked along the narrow street and found kushi bar. The word "kushi" originally meant "stick", but we sometime use this word with this dish in the picture; grilled chickens stick in bamboo sticks.
First I didn't know how to order, so I asked. "How to order? Just take as much as you want, and show sticks after that." The owner said to me. Any kinds of kushi were about $1 each, I took 3 of them.

There, it was a menu on the hood. Unfortunately, I barely have had a expensive to eat kushi, I had no idea what they meant. I ate three, and all of them were great :)


  1. In Malaysia we called in 'satay' ;)
    Or...this is still the same as yakitori right? ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment ;) Yes, it is also called "yakitori". You know very much about Japanese food !:)