From Harajuku to Roppongi.

Today I took a walk from Harajuku to Roppongi. While Harajuku is a Japan's main birth place for fashion and so forth, Roppongi is, is.... hmmm.... difficult to say ! It's a business district, as well as rich people gathering.  Well, let's take a look :)

Because I walked here in the late morning, there were few people around there.

You probably cannot imagine, but in the Christmas season, there are special illuminations by trees. And that time, there are massive people here and there. you can't run, walk faster, only you can do is just following the crowd. Most people in my country are not Christian though.

 I took some rest in the MacDonald that started new service so called "McCafe by Barista " first in this branch in Japan from day before yesterday. I have my own espresso machine in my home, for the record.

By the way, I moved to Tokyo from Nagoya last year. I was born in Nagoya, had been living in Nagoya, and I thought I will live in Nagoya forever. That time I even didn't know where Shinjuku or Shibuya is  in Tokyo. Sure, I know the name, but only know the name.

Anyway, I was astonished one thing that everything in this town are finished even bicycles that are parked illegally on the road ! It's a all the different from my town...

On this picture you can find national flag in Japan. It's unusual, seemed that Meiji emperor died 100 years ago and it's a memorial period this year.
Why is it unusual to find national flags ? There are some reasons for that. One main thing is because it's considered "The symbol of war". Mid 20th century, Japan invaded neighboring countries with waving this flag. And when we lost, many people thought flag was a kind of symbol of war. That is why we don't show flags. There is long controversial discussion whether we show the flag in the public schools.

........Sorry, it's not a place to talk about politic matters. I am terrible with it as well.

On the way from Harajuku to Roppongi, it's quite quiet. I guess most people who go to Roppongi use trains. That could be better than walking on the hot, humid street like me.

This is a symbol of this place, "Roppongi Hills". Many famous companies are in it.

It's a busy district, I may only person who had nothing to do and just shoot photographs ;)


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