My friends and I did and watch fireworks last week. It's always difficult to take pictures of them...

And I found difficult to do fireworks in Tokyo as well. Many parks don't allow people to do it. So I went and asked to city hall where I should do it. They said, "There's no place to be allowed to do in this city, but as far as you don't make too much noise or someone don't call police, it might be alright."
hmmm... so called, accepted silently? Back my hometown, it has much place to do it ! I miss my hometown !


  1. Nice original fireworks shapes! Better than the usual smileys! Where is your hometown?

  2. Thanks! I'm from Nagoya. It's good place to live. Not so big, not so small, not so crowded ;)

  3. Those are great pics (again)! :) I've seen fireworks just yesterday, in Ashiya (Osaka), it was great! Gonna post about that in the near future....

    1. Wow, did you see fireworks that was a big ? :)I saw huge fireworks from my apartment yesterday !