Sumida Aquarium and Sky Tree.

I visited Sumida Aquarium this week. It was a hot day, and I had a heavy camera, I couldn't help but diving into air-conditioned facility.

This aquarium is also expensive to the admission fee like other aquarium in Japan; \2,000, or about $24? ( I don't know current rate of them).

It's not big. Opened along with Sky Tree, newish sightseeing spot in Tokyo.

I like Nagoya port aquarium better... Am I a person of localism? ;)

Beautiful... but I don't like it since I can't eat it...

Sumida Aquarium is located by the Sky Tree. I also visited it.


Tall ! It's 634-meter-high ! I wasn't able to catch whole shape ! By the way, it says "Solamachi", meaning "town in the sky". Although I wanted to climb up this tower, I didn't because there are numerous people lined up to be waiting to climb, I even couldn't see the head of it.
Moreover, it is too expensive to persuade me to go there; the admission fee for two observation decks are \2,000 (about $24) and \1,000 (about $12) each. If you want to climb top deck, you need must pay \3,000. I don't afford it !


  1. Very refreshing pictures , thank you! Tokyo is so hot again today!

    1. Thank you for your comment !:) Yes, it will be hot until Autumn... We need to be more patient !;)

  2. First time being here..
    I stumbled here when goggled Sumida Aquarium & fascinated with your pics and simple yet very informatif articles.
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    I am going to go to Japan next december & your articles are giving nice inputs for me ! ^^

    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog ;)
      Sumida Aquarium is quite nice place to visit, of course you can visit Sky Tree together as well :)
      You come to Japan in December ! Wow! That's nice :D Do you have a plan to go to Sumida Aquarium? If so, it's an honor to let you know some information ;)

  3. Hi Iko84,
    Thanks for the nice reply!

    I am going to go to Japan next december, but with a group of tour.
    Only 8 days & the itinerary so far is DisneyLand, D.Sea, Univ. Studio, etc.
    Which is very disappointing in my opinion.
    However this trip is free, so it's such a pity to let it waste.

    I plan to go to Japan again next April.
    Semi-backpaking with my friend ^^!
    We plan to visit aquarium, but still couldn't decided which is better, Sumida Aquarium or Osaka's Kaiyukan.
    Do you have any advice? ^^

    1. Good morning!
      You're welcome, and sorry for my late reply :(
      So...Let's start with this comment today!

      Does "next December" mean in December 2012? I think so, but I'm not sure because of my poor English :( Your itinerary for the first one is gorgeous! You both visit Tokyo and Osaka without any charge... So nice! I always travel with my money, haha...

      I definitely recommend you to visit Kaiyukan in Osaka. I was there over 10 years ago so I'm not sure, but it was huge, unforgettable, I always remember that. Sumida Aquarium is a little bit small, you should compare with them on web site in advance ;)

  4. Hi Iko84,
    How are you doing? :)

    Yeah, we decided to chose Kaiyukan instead of Sumida Aquarium.
    It was said as one the biggest one in the world.
    Plus, the giant ferris wheel is another big point ^^!

    Well, the december 2012 trip is not verily free i suppose.
    It is a reward from the company if we can reach certain quota of sales.
    I guess we can say, it's a conditional reward :)

    1. Wow, you decided to go to Kaiyukan. That's a good news for me. Since I've not been there for such a long time, please let me know what it's like after coming back to your country.

      Now I ca see why you will visit my country with the condition which you are not satisfied with. I'm terrible with tour. fixed plan, fixed place to eating, staying, anything. Still, the worst thing for me was the fact that I had had to stay in my country such a long time. I need to travel soon!!