Heirin-ji temple.

Cycling from my tiny apartment in the morning, I finally reach there. It was second time to visit Heirin-ji temple, located in Niza city, Saitama prefecture.

There is a big garden around the temple, colored with yellow and red foliage in this season.

I arrived at this place around 8:30 a.m., 30 minutes before opening, but some people were lining up in front of a old gate with their camera.

It's not easy to access (that's why I went there by bicycle), many people came here by their own cars.

They require 500yen, or about $6 for admission fee, but I can say with some confidence that it's definitely worth visiting there in Autumn.

Although it seemed foliage were coming to the end of changing their colors, started falling. Still, you can walk on the carpet of leaves. How nice it is...!!

Heirin-ji temple is popular in this season, however, it's not when it is time for Sakura, or cherry blossom. I suppose there are not many sakura in this place.

And a pond, as usual ;)


Stared with Autumn leaves in the garden in Shinjuku, it looks finally I finished taking pictures of them this year. And what's waiting for the next is winter, a season I didn't like. As I told you last post, I gradually come to like cold season as well. Things change as if weather and season change everyday, every year. I move on to the next step ;)


  1. This i did not see when i went to Japan *cries*
    It looks very beautiful with it autumn leaves
    Such a pity, since the time is suitable as well :(

    And since you said there aren't many sakura trees here, i suppose i won't visit this place when i return in April
    Too bad, i really want to see this scenery..

    1. Still, you enjoyed in Kyoto, and that sounds good for me :D
      Next time you visit in my country, it's definitely good to visit Shinjuku Gyoen if time suits for Sakura.


      But be careful, it's extremely crowded, I needed to line up for an hour to get in :(