Yesterday's earthquake.

I was on the way back to my home when an earthquake hit East Japan yesterday. While I was walking, I could feel everything was shaking. Electric wires above, name boards on walls, everything. I was nearby a station at that time and announce said us to escape from tall things. It deeply reminded me of the huge one last year, but we are all fine, don't worry. I hope people in Tohoku area, where devastating damage is still remained are safe as well.


  1. Scary indeed!! but more fear than harm, at least in Tokyo... Anyways, we all know a big one will strike Tokyo at some point, let's be prepared and let's enjoy life for the time being!!!!! :)

    1. Yeah, it was really scary... It lasted almost one minute, I felt... Fortunately, my relatives in Sendai were all fine. We need to be more preparation for that! Everyday I sleep a room where aren't tall things nearby.

  2. Was it really that bad? O_O
    I really didn't feel the eathquake at all back then...
    Glad to hear that there weren't major damage.
    Do you think it is safe to go there in April?

    1. Oh, didn't you feel that?
      It depended on where you were.
      If you weren't in Tokyo or northeast Japan,
      You probably didn't feel or feel little about it.

      Nobody knows when big one comes, but we all hope we will be safe now and in the future.