Food in Myanmar.

I love eating local foods when traveling abroad. It is usually quite different from foods in my country, and moreover, I love eating.

I ate lots of Burmese foods (or Myanmar foods), and definitely I love it. Food in Myanmar is similar to Japanese foods in some way. It's not spicy like Thai foods, not so many cilantro in it.

Some rural places, I found frogs and so on. Those were terrible, I can't eat them! :(
(Although I once ate them when I was young!)

If you can't eat Burmese foods, or sick of eating it, then go to Chinese food restaurant! There are many of them here and there, I went eat for several times (I love Chinese food as well!!)

Or Indian food you like? Then, heading to there! In Yangon, it's a lot of Southern Indian food available ;)

Well, I'm in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam right now, actually. I stay here one more day and leave for Phnom Penh, capital in Cambodia. It's been 8 years since I last visited Phnom penh!! Wow, time flies!


  1. Interesting, I really had a tough time with food in Myanmar. I usually enjoy food everywhere I go, but Myanmar was the exception for me, and we eat a lot of frogs in France ;) Enjoy the New Year's Eve in Vietnam!!!

    1. Hi there, happy new year!! ;) Oh, you didn't like food in Myanmar? Sorry to hear that... :( For me, I don't like food in Cambodia. I'm terrible with that. You eat frogs in your country! I....can't :D