Great Myanmar!!

Finally!!! I somehow can upload my pictures....!!! I took it in Mandalay, it's a bridge made of teak, the longest bridge which is made of it :) I rented a boat so that I could shoot pictures from surface.

Here in Myanmar I can see many people, especially women painting their cheek. I forgot the detail, but I like this way! And even men wear traditional clothes which looks like a skirt. I'm very impressive to see that many traditional things are still with Myanmar people. And foods, I like it as well. There are noodle, rice, bread! I am not suffering from unsuitability of foods at all!


  1. oh my..
    amazing captures :D
    Myanmar is so beautiful
    combines with your amazing photography skill ^^

    1. Hi there!
      Yes, it's really nice place to visit ;)
      Beautiful lakes, beautiful sun, kind people....

      One bad thing is that Internet is sooooo slow that it's difficult to upload pictures!

      Oh, I would like to tell you something.
      Could you please send me a E-mail? :D

  2. Yes! You made it! Congratulations! Looking forward to the next post!!!

    1. Sorry I couldn't update any post. I was in Bagan and Hpipaw, and that time Internet connection was really unstable. Since there seems to be good today, I try to create a new post again! ;)