Bagan, Myanmar Today.

Cycling on a bumping road, suddenly it appears.

Hundreds of ruins are straggled here and there, you even can't count how many they are. It's so many, nearly countless. I felt it's comparable to Ankor Wat in Cambodia, but not so many foreigners were there.

Myanmar is changing. You can see many roads and buildings under construction in Yangon, young families enjoy their shopping in smart phone shops. If you visit here a few years later, everything could be changed. Sure, it's good for people living here, much better life, much better choices. But somehow I am attracted something not change. That might be why I love old things...

Anyway, I go back to Yangon, commercial city in Myanmar tonight. I mean.... I leave here in Mandalay tonight, and arrive at Yangon tomorrow. It's a....night bus! Oh my, I am wondering if I can sleep or not ! :D


I thought I updated this post a few days ago, but it seems it wasn't. Sorry I made you wait such a long time! :(


  1. Suzanne12/28/2012

    All I can say is "WOW". It looks amazing over there!
    I actually know someone else who is in Yangon at the moment as well, he also Blogs about travelling :)
    I hope your trip in the night bus was okay. I remember when I went to Morocco I had to travel by bus as well. Day and night, always the same one and I slept like a baby ^^ but that was probably because I was extremely tired since I got about 4 hours of sleep every night, haha.

    Don't worry about updating later than expected, just enjoy traveling :D


    1. Ohayou Suzanne :D
      Yes, absolutely there in Myanmar is great and worth visiting! Wow, your experience in Morocco seems nice as well ;) Many Japanese travel to Morocco recently, they go see its culture, food, tradition... hmmm, I want to go back to Islam cultural country! ;)

      I try to update today too. Hope it work ;)

      Mata ne ^.^