Apples from Nagano prefecture.

My parents-in-law went to Nagano prefecture where is known as a various fruits available. They took some apples and sent me. Typically I don't eat any fruits, but I eat anything they give me! What should I cook with them? Apple pie?  ;)

Dear Chalet. I tried to comment back to you, but somehow I couldn't open the comment section :( I'm sorry I can't reply, I will visit Lake Inle too! :)


  1. Suzanne12/05/2012

    I really liked your previous post by the way, I just didn't have the time to comment on it :D
    Those apples look really good why don't you cook a stew with them? Here in Holland we tend to cook stews with beef, onions and apples cut into bite-size chunks. It's delicious and suits the cold winter perfectly.

    Mata ne!

    1. Ohayou Suzanne :D

      Did you like last post about Heirin-ji temple? Yo must visit there soon! ;)
      Wow, you put apples in stews?! Hmm...I've never done with this, I need to try it as soon as possible! I've got four apples, I must cook many kinds of meals :)

      Jaa ne! ^.^

    2. Suzanne12/09/2012


      oh yes, I really enjoyed reading your story and looking at your photos. I think those old temples are fascinating ! Boy, I have a lot to visit when I come to Japan. There's so much to do and so much to see, I'm going to be very busy then.

      The idea of putting apples in stews originated from Belgium and somehow it ended up in Holland as well. So if you want to find a recipe, you need to look for a Belgian one ;)

      I heard about the earthquake too, now, everytime there is something about quakes in Japan on the news I think about you! What you were doing at that time, hoping you would be safe :)
      Luckily that was the case and you are unharmed

      I'm looking forward to your next post!
      Jaa, mata ne!

    3. Ohayou Suzanne! ;)

      Do you like temples? Oh, you must visit my country! There are a number of them anywhere in Japan, city center, along a mountain, and of course countryside :)

      According to my friends in Japan, we don't put apples in stew, although I must try. Oh, now I find what to cook in this evening :D When we cook stew or curry, most people put stew/curry powder which is solid, make it easier to cook. In the picture of their packages, we usually see apples :D

      About earthquake, I was on the narrow street near my home. I'm fine, don't worry. I'm so happy you thought me when you saw the news :D

  2. Apples \(^^)/
    Looks very delicious!
    And since i can't cook at all, the only way i can think to eat them is just eating them raw, lmao ^^
    You & Suzanne must be a great cook :)

    Oh, about the earthquake..
    Glad to hear that you're okay, Iko84
    I was there too, but i didn't feel anything at all..

    Unfortunately, the news was reported excessively in my country (like everyone running in fear with safety helmed, etc)
    The result is, now my mom want me to re-think about my April Trip to Japan

    1. With Suzanne's advice, I put some apples in stew ;)
      You can't cook?
      It's very nice if you can!
      Indonesian food, Japanese food, whatever.
      I don't cook Japanese foods very much, haha...
      I prefer to cook&eat Italian! :)

  3. Lol, too bad i am not a good cook ^^
    My mom is the best though, ehehehhe..
    For me, few simple chinese dishes are fine, but indonesian ones.. i give up, lmao
    Perhaps someday when you have time to visit Indonesia & come to my city, i'll definitely take you to eat the best Indonesian food :D

    1. Your mother is a great cook! I need to visit your place :P
      I tasted Indonesian foods a few times, I like it :)
      Mi goreng!!

      I can't wait for visiting your country!
      Maybe in the next time ;)