Kichijoji and Inokashira park.

Cycling for 20 minutes or so from my home, Kichijoji is there. I am a Kichijoji lover and every time I am there, I can't help thinking of the center of Nagoya, my hometown. Why does this place look so much like my hometown? It's Tokyo, still many shops are familiar to me.

Many people love this town since it's in the suburb but easy to get in and out from Tokyo Station and Shinjuku by Chuo line.

Walk a bit from south gate of Kichijoji station, you can find a park called "Inokashira-park". I thought it was called Inogashira, but wikipedia says it's Inokashira. How pity I am... :(

Election for the mayor in Tokyo will hold on 16th December, you are able to see banners on the wall of stations, anywhere, although many people in Tokyo are not interested in it...

I took these pictures last week, so probably foliage are gone by now. Everything is so fast in this season!

In the midst of this park, it has a pond. There is no one on the boat...Soooo cold on the surface!


This time I posted some kind of a introduction for my favorite place in Japan. I tend not to do this way usually, I mean, introduce something about Japan because you can find anything on other web sites. I can't compare with them, with my poor knowledge, my poor images... More than that, those topics are too natural for me to write them down. However, from now on I try to explain what I saw, what I thought when I saw something close to my heart.


  1. Thank you for introducing this place to us, Iko84
    Your blog are always inspiring, both with the pics & the explanation ^^!
    I'd love to visit this place someday, if i have chance :)

    Oh, by the way..
    May i ask something about sakura blooming season?
    Usually the blooming season happen in early or late April?
    I read that sakura usually bloom in full around early April
    But my tour guide said that it'll most likely be blooming late April or early May.
    What do you think?

  2. You're welcome ;)
    Kichijoji is a place where you can find lots of things to buy,
    and don't forget that this park called "Inokashira park" has also beautiful Sakura in the spring :)

    As your question, it deeply depends on where you go and weather in that year.

    In my country, winter come to the end from southeast area like Kyushu island, and naturally, it's more fast to be able to see Sakura in that place than Tokyo. Then Osaka, then Tokyo.

    In case of Tokyo, we usually can see it around early April to mid April.
    But the weather is important as well.
    If cold weather continues so long, Sakura doesn't bloom.

    Oh, I found a useful page!


    This site is useful not only Sakura, but also traveling in my country ;)