Leaves and me.

As temperature is getting down and down, I took my winter clothes from the closet in my room. It's the second winter for me to spend in Tokyo and gradually get used to it. It's a bit colder than in my hometown Nagoya, but only a bit. We have a few days of snow, cold winds, and cloudy.
I found myself that I was once a winter hater, but recent year it seems to begin to change. I can enjoy anything, anything even once I hadn't liked.
In this picture, I bought a beverage from Starbucks. Since it's one of the best season to drink coffee outside, instead of taking it in there, I took this in a big park nearby.

So... Tomorrow I go to a temple where is a quite famous for foliage. Don't miss it!


  1. Hi Iko84,

    Tokyo looked super nice with all the ginko trees row when i went there last week ^^
    I was speechless when i saw it since i didn't see much in Kyoto nor Osaka

    As expected, Tokyo is crowded & the subway was, ummm, scary, lol ^^
    I wish i could spend more time there (and in Kyoto too) & go to many places

    1. Last week was the finest week to see ginko,
      so you traveled good season ;)

      Oh, you experienced subway in Tokyo!
      Did you use IC card like SUICA or PASMO in Tokyo?
      It's very useful when you get train.
      You don't need to calculate the fee to destination.
      You just buy IC card and put on the appropriate place in ticket collector.
      It's a great system! ;)

  2. I heard SUICA is great pass while traveling in Tokyo
    But since we only went to few places, we didn't buy it
    Perhaps we'll use it when we back to Japan in April ^^

    Btw, how is your travel preparation? :D

    1. There are many kinds of IC card in Japan, each area has its own ones.
      Right now we only use one IC card in one area, for example, you can't use SUICA in Osaka, only around Tokyo.
      But from next spring, we can use any IC card everywhere!
      Maybe by the time you come back to my country, it's easier to travel by train ;)

      Actually, I leave Japan Today! Everything was packed with my backpack :D