Illumination in Tokyo Station and Marunouchi, 2012.

It's a second year for me to spend my life in the winter in Tokyo. Although I'm terrible with the cold season, I really can enjoy illuminations here and there.

I like the illumination in Marunouchi, nearby Tokyo Station the best. Trees along the street are decorated with lots of lights, people enjoy watching them and shopping.

I was there yesterday, I mean, Monday. I don't know because it's beginning of the week, not so many people are there in Marunouchi.

After terrible earthquake last year, many festivals, fireworks, and illuminations were refrain from taking place due to many people thought it was not time for enjoying themselves while people in devastated areas were suffering.

But this year, things getting recovering step by step.

Those lights in Marunouchi are used LED, and they said it's especially designed environment friendly.

After a short walk (5-10 minutes, I think)...

Tokyo Station! (I went there few weeks ago.)

Completed last month, I had longed for taking it in the evening!

Since I'm entirely morning person and scarcely going out for a long distance at night. But this winter I am going to try to go out as much as possible! Oh, first, I need to endure a coldness and sleepy, haha...


  1. 久しぶり!I need to go and check the new Tokyo station, thanks for the reminder!!! またね!

    1. お久しぶりです!^^
      Yes, check their great style of Tokyo station before it become too cold to stand outside! :)
      Thank you always for commenting on my blog ;)

      mata ne!

  2. Suzanne11/14/2012


    Wow Tokyo looks awesom by night! Especially with all these lights in the trees. Here in Holland some small streets are decorated like this as well, I expect it will be much more decorated in a few weeks due to the holidays and stuff.
    I like going out in the evening in the city, everything is just so much more fun when it's night. There are more people on the streets and it's all very vibrant. I wonder... What do you like about mornings? Although it is kind of peaceful in the morning I guess...
    By the way, I have this weekend off. So now work for me :D ALthough I have to go tomorrow evening (there's another special event) which means I'll be a bit busy. BUT nothing I can't handle :) I am getting used to it now ^^
    Anyway, I just wanted to say. Don't worry if I respond later to your mails, you can send them anyway and I will try to get back at you as soon as possible :D

    jaa ne!

    1. konnichiwa!

      This place is especially beautiful both to see and take pictures while other small stations and streets in Tokyo are getting decorated by lights as well.
      Me? I like going outside in the morning because it's not crowded, sun is just coming up, I mean... It's a whole new start when morning comes. I feel that I can start again.

      You look busy recently! So am I. Since I work at coffee beans shop, and getting cold these days, people rush to buy coffee in my shop:)
      In addition to it, I need get some VISAs! I planed to do it one month before, but look, it seems I am a slow starter,haha ;)

  3. Hi, Iko84
    How are you doing?

    I just returned from my holiday in Bali with friends :)
    How is your travel's preparation? :D
    I am sure you're pretty busy preparing for it

    The illumination looks very beautiful!
    Can hardly wait to go there this early December!
    I read that the illumination will be displayed until late December or early January, right?
    Is there any of it near Metropolitan Hotel?
    Our tour leader strictly forbid us for leaving the group & wandering alone, coz he is afraid that we will ge lost in Tokyo, lol..

    1. Goooood evening ;)
      I'm pretty fine, but a little bit tired because of long trip to Tokyo. I need one night sleep, that's enough for me for now ;)

      Yeah, I plan to go to Embassy of Myanmar tomorrow to get my passport which I applied for VISA last week. I need get another one from Vietnam, it's getting busier recently. I'm a slow starter, I needed to prepare before I went back to Nagoya, haha...

      Is Metropolitan Hotel located in Ikebukuro? If so, I suppose there are many kinds of illuminations since it's a big city! But I will ask my boss tomorrow, she lives nearby Ikebukuro!