Showa Commemorative National Government Park, late Autumn in 2012.

Good morning! It's literally "good" morning for me. Although many people don't like Monday, I like this day since everyone deserve a fresh start. As you can see last post, about my illness, I wasn't good health at that time. That's one of the reasons why I wrote it down...sorry.

But hey! The weekend came after that, and I visited there in "Showa kinen kouen", or Showa commemorative National Government Garden, I entirely recovered. I am such a simple person, it seems I just need taking some good pictures and daily walks. How peaceful I am... :)

Foliage are turning their color little by little, and if you watch carefully, it's likely to be able to see them literally changing their color from green to yellow or red :D

Well, it looks you don't need to listen to my words, haha... Just enjoy what I shot!

Many people consider me as a person who only use digital SLR, but I also use film cameras. I especially love TLR. It's absolutely beautiful shape...! Though it's quite difficult to take a well-composed photo, haha.


  1. Lol, i really don't have any knowledge about cameras at all..

    Actually, i want to buy one good camera, to bring it to Japan next month.
    So that i can make good pictures like above :D
    Well, not as good as above, but at least better than the ones i took all these time, lol.
    Your pics really are a great influence ^^)

    I browsed lot of cams, asking around from friends
    In the end, i decided to buy a pocket one
    The good cams are very expensive & even a standard one is pretty expensive too for me
    So, i settled with the cheap one, lol..

    1. Well, the bottom line is that camera is not the one takes photograph, but a person is the one who takes them!! You can find great pictures with instagram, many of them takes astounded pictures by their mobile phones...

      Camera of iphone or other smart phones is really good these days, although I kick against this kind of atmosphere, haha... I only use my SLR, I don't use the camera in my iphone. I just use them instead of taking a note ;)