Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, 4 November 2012

It's been a while when I visited Shinjuku Gyoen Garden last time. I came back here to see colorful leaves this time. But it seemed that there scarcely were leaves that already turned their color, and so, I just enjoyed taking a walk.

I found many people sit and drawing on their chair. One of them which I looked into was extremely beautiful. Compare to that, my pictures are almost nothing, haha...

This is sakura, or cherry blossom. It usually bloom in the late March, but this one somehow blooms such a cool day. I read explanation under the tree and that said this sakura blooms twice in a year. It's quite rare to see such sakura.

Like leaves, things change slowly, but surely. So do I. My environment is getting busy, or busier than I manage to. But I promise I come back here this blog as soon as possible ;)


  1. Suzanne11/10/2012


    Your pictures are amazing, I loved this post. I have no words for it, but thankyou ;)

    1. Ohayou ^.^
      Thank you! It's beautiful not because of my skill, but because of amazing scenery ;)

  2. Another beautiful park to watch!
    Thank you for sharing! :D

    I heard Shinjuku Gyoen is famous with its sakura blossoms, but the autumn leaves are beautiful as well.
    It's the first time i read that sakura can bloom in autumn :D
    I suppose famous parks like Shinjuku Gyoen, Yoyogi Park, etc are pretty crowded even in weekday, especially around autumn & sakura blossoms, right? :)

    1. Shinjuku Gyoen Garden is located in Shinjuku, big city, so it's also easy to access.
      I was there in the sakura season for the first time this year, and it took almost one hour to enter the gate since they checked our luggage to make sure we don't have any alcohol.
      It prohibited to take them into the park.
      However, I saw many people hide their alcohol and eat with it inside Shinjuku Gyoen Garden :D

      Autumn in there is really nice as well.
      I will post about it within a month! ;)