Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and Rikugien Garden.

It was last week when I visited two gardens, Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and Rikugien Garden in Tokyo. So...Let's start with Koishikawa Korakuen Garden first, shall we? ;)

There are many gardens in Tokyo, which extremely surprise to me since I considered Tokyo as metropolis before I moved here in Tokyo. Given a long history of capital, it can be natural that there are lots of garden that once belonged to "daimyou", or lords in the old days.

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is one of them. Well organized, silent, peaceful place to take a walk or take a deep breath in the nature.

It only takes 20 minutes or less to look around.

What do you think it is? It's a gate which is not officially used, for only those involved.

This kind of nihon-teien, or Japanese Gardens usually have a pond or two and pouring narrow rivers.


Walk along a snake path,

I found a tea house ;)

By the way, it's getting cold recently; Autumn has come!

Soon leaves will turn into yellow or red day by day, it's really fun for me, unforgettable...Although I'm terrible with cold season :-(

Walk across a tiny bridge, I left there and then went to...

Rikugien Garden!!

I like red things, including small stuffs. These are my favorites. A bag for grocery, for example ;) I have many red stuffs. The color of red in Japanese Garden is influenced by China. We accepted lots of traditions from there. The tiny bridge which I crossed seems to be colored by same reason as well.

I'm always wondering why they don't translate words precisely like this. It says "Togetsu-kyo" both in Japanese and small English characters but the word kyo stands for a bridge in this instance (not always, I mean). People from foreign countries may have no idea when they read characters on the picture :(

Japanese Gardens usually have a place to drink green teas. Rikugien Garden offers one cup of green tea with 500 yen, or around $6. A bit expensive, don't you think? Yet it's good experience to sit back in the silent garden, watching nothing in particular, just stay put.

After that...

Again, there is a small pond ;)


By the way, this is a picture of a wall which belongs to Rikugien Garden. I don't know why, but I just like this photograph. Although I don't think it's beautiful, great, very best one, I can't help but watch it over and over again. Hmmm...What do you think of this picture? Is it odds and ends?


  1. Suzanne11/03/2012


    I'm planning to write you an e-mail soon, but I just haven't found the time to do it. Forgive me. So for now, a quick response to your new post :)

    Your pictures are beautiful, I like red things as well. Especially when they stand out like in this garden. Amidst all of those green things the small red bridge looks awesome! Doesn't the color red stand for luck?
    You have a lot of talent for capturing those precious, fleeting moments.
    I have to admit, because of your photos I have a sudden urge to visit those gardens as well. It's a beautiful contrast with the vibrant city life of Tokyo.

    Me? I also have no idea why people celebrate halloween.. It has something to do with 'harvest festivals' and 'festivals of the dead' or something. And it has some Christian influences, that's all I know about it... But that's not what it's about for me, I just see it as a fun holiday and I like celebrating it, doing something special. you know.

    Oh Yes, I'm planning on going to The Hague for my Christmas shopping. Is Christmas shopping something people in Japan do as well? Buying nice things to spoil yourself (and maybe others?) a bit. I always have a big Christmas tree in my house and my family buys presents for each other. (I need to find something nice for my parents and my brother ;)

    Ohh you do that as wel? Sleeping in the afternoon I mean. Well I actually did that sometime ago, but instead of waking up early in the morning, I had trouble falling to sleep in the evening. It was a very tough time for me, because I would lay awake in bed for almost 3 hours :o
    Luckily I don't have that problem anymore because I stopped sleeping in the afternoon. (Although sleeping in the afternoon is very nice..I don't know why, but somehow I fall to sleep very easily and I feel very well rested when I wake up, do you have that as well?) ^.^

    I'm curious as to what it would feel like when you are suffering from an altitude illness. I've never been that high, since here in Holland everything is flat. ;) Climbing slowly seems like the best way to prevent it, or maybe take a break every couple of hundred meters? When you feel sick you can't enjoy the scenery so it's important to take it slow I guess...

    Oh wow, you'll be my personal guide ^^. Although it's going to take a long time for me to finally be able to visit Japan. I am already looking forward to seeing you and your wife. I feel honored and very happy to have met you.

    Ik spreek je snel! (it means"I'll talk to you soon" in Dutch )

    1. Ohayou ^^

      It's always my pleasure to open this blog and find your comment :) Don't be hurry, I understand how busy you are, and I appreciate it ;)

      Hmm...I've never heard what stands for red color, although it might be a good fortune as you said. In Okinawa island, it has a red castle called "Shuri-jou". I've been there twice while I was a kid, it really impressed me. (You can check it out by google :))

      Halloween has something to do with harvest festivals! That's why people display pumpkins! People need to know what those events mean before they celebrate it I think, haha... To tell the truth, yesterday was National Culture Day, national holiday but people have no idea why authority decided this day for that, and what's purpose neither :( Anyway, I like holiday and try to enjoy them.

      You know, Christmas day in Japan is mainly for couples whose aren't married yet, they buy and present each other. Me? I will not present anything to my wife, although I am going to cook dinner to her! Christmas tree in your house! That's an European style! As it turned out, my parents displayed small, mimic trees when I was a child... Hopefully you can find good stuffs for your family ;)

      Sleeping in the afternoon is always blissful, I think it's because we do this only when you want to do it. I mean, we need to go to bed every evening, but we only sleep in the afternoon when you feel sleepy. And I feel sleepy every afternoon lately... That's the problem, I need to stop it and try to sleep in the evening instead.
      Speaking of lacking for sleeping, I was be able to sleep only 40 minutes when hardship hit me a long time ago...That was tough, I was really terrible at that time :(

      I've never experienced about altitude illness, but I heard it feels like headache and boke. I like mountains, but I am not professional one, so I'm rather a light climber :)

  2. Hi, Iko84

    How are you doing?
    Sorry for not be able to comment recently :(
    I've been very busy & evenmore, caught terrible flu.
    It's been very hot & humid in my country, which makes us all suffer (though i believe it must be nothing compared to summer in japan ^^)

    Koishikawa korakuen & rikugien both look very amazing.
    Do these place close to each other?
    I'd love to visit those gardens when i go to Japan next April.
    I always fond gardens, parks & flowers :)
    Do you think around 8th-15th April we can view sakura in full bloom? :D

    1. Whoops, forgot to comment about the last pic ^^!
      I think that pic is amazing.
      Not as vibrant as the others, but i think it looks solemn in its simplicity.
      Anyway, your pics are amazing as always! :D
      Looking forward for the next ones! :)

    2. Good morning ;)
      I was wondering what you are doing while I haven't received comments from you. You were busy and had a sick...Are you alright now? :( I like hot season, though humidity in Japan is like the one in UAE, extreme, almost murderous! Actually, many people get sick or having heat disorders and come into hospitals every summer. I try not go out for a long time when it's really hot in the daytime.

      Koishikawa korakuen and rikugien is not far from each other. I checked it out and found that it's 4km one another. But I recommend you to get a train. It's no connection, just sit in the train for 20 minutes or so ;)

      Thank you for commenting about my last picture! I posted it on my facebook page as well. Some of my friend liked it and I thought it's not mere my self-satisfaction :D

    3. I just forgot to say; Sakura is usually in full bloom from the end of March to the middle of April. It depends on the climate situation next year though, you will be able to see it, I think. I hope you can enjoy it! ;)