A short trip in Kyoto, part 1.

It's some kind of my style that I don't have any plan when I go somewhere. I just go without any information, without any particular thought. "Well, let's do it".

It was the first train in the morning. I took "Shinkansen", or bullet train that leads us from my town to Kyoto, traditional city in Japan.

Looking at sunrise from a window of the train, it only took 39 minutes from Nagoya to Kyoto. Amazingly fast, I even couldn't have a time for nap. It was about 5000 yen, or around $60 for one person, for the record :)

First place I visited was "Gion", a streets where many old houses are there.

There is nobody there since this district seems to be crowded in the ninght. I was there at 7 a.m. Everything was so fast!

I visited to Kyoto first in the morning, as I told you. I just planed "OK, I will be here by the evening". But I wasn't good mental condition at that time, so it became a half day trip.

"You went all the way to traditional, historical city Kyoto and spend a half day?!" you might think. However, it's OK, I have a chance to set foot there again soon :)

Well, Gion is really nice place. Additionally, it wasn't far from Kyoto station. You can't miss it ;)

Nice post...!

Near Gion, there is a market called "Nishiki-ichiba". Ichiba means market, so you can call it Nishiki market as well. By the way, most of stores weren't open yet at that time.

However, some stores were preparing for selling.

Kyoto is a special place and many unique foods and vegetables are available. In this picture they sell Japanese pickles.

There are a lot of pictures not uploaded yet, but those are for the next post ;)


  1. Suzanne10/06/2012


    I'm sorry I wasn't able to comment for such a long time, I had a very stressfull week. BUT I was finally able to have some spare time today, so I'm using it to cook dinner and to comment on your new post :)

    Here in Holland it's exactly like you said it is at Junior High in Japan. I go to school, I take one or two exams and I go back home to study for the next day.
    I actually had a verbal History test today. I had to talk about the history of my country and political changes and situations. I scored 8 out of 10 points :D So I'm really happy right now!

    I meant to ask you a few days ago about your trip to Nagoya, what's it like there? Are there fun things to do or nice places to go? Any good restaurants or quaint little parks? Tell me about it, I want to know what your hometown is like ;)

    Your view from the shinkansen on your way to Kyoto looks very nice, I think rural Japan is really beautiful with those mountains and rice paddies.

    I'm looking forward to part 2 of your trip and the pictures that go with it.


    1. Konbanwa, Suzanne ;)

      I worried about you, but I knew you are very busy for your exams in this week, so I just waited. And here you came back! I also cooked dinner for my parents in my birth place in Nagoya today.

      It's nice to hear that you marked good scores in the exam. When I was a student, I was a good student I think, I really liked studying. I like, or even love learning and creating things.

      Well, Nagoya is not famous place for most of foreighner since it's a industrial city; it has main firms like TOYOTA near here. And don't forget this city is the forth largest city in Japan. It's not quite convenient such like Tokyo, yet enough to live here in Nagoya. We have nice parks, castle, and if you driving by car, an hour is enough to reach you to the rural places. Rice field, mountains, you can find really nice landscape here and there;)

      It is said that about 70% of our country is occupied by forests. You are relaxed anywhere in this small island. It's nice, honestly wonderful, unforgettable ;)

      Although I thought I should post part 2 of Kyoto, right now I am a bit tired so I will pick some picture up this time!


    2. Suzanne10/08/2012

      Konbanwa! :D

      I hope you had a nice weekend. I sure did, I tried to relax by reading various blogs and being outside in the sun. The weather was quite nice so I decided to ride my bike along the boulevard.
      of course I had to study as well... ;)But it wasn't such a big deal.

      I really like creating things as well! With my hands, especially. I enjoy painting and drawing :) I also have art classes at school, which I enjoy the most since my teacher is like.. the best :)

      Reading your description of Nagoya, it sounds like the place is definitely worth a visit! I like to go to places where there aren't many tourists.

      By the way, I've got some great news. It looks like I'll start working in the weekend of october 27, and the weekend after that. So I am going to save some money, at last! :D I have waited so long for this to happen, really, you can't imagine...
      Many of my job interviews failed and people ignored me, never returning my calls, while my resume was excellent and they sounded quite positive when meeting me at first. BUT NOW, it has gone very smoothly. I'm just so happy!!!

      I hope to read a new post of you soon. Have a nice day!


    3. Ohayou! ;)

      Actually, last weekend we had one extra holiday in Japan. I mean, yesterday. So we just started new weekdays from today :) I spent a whole week in Nagoya, that was quite nice, I think I will write about it today. Oh, before that, I need to post about Kyoto part 2 :D

      You can painting and drawing! That's pretty nice... As I wrote somewhere in this blog, I started shooting photograph because I can't draw. I once tried to draw, but I couldn't make it well :(

      Yes, Nagoya is not famous and popular for tourists neither for foreigner nor Japanese, yet once you visit there it must be nice place to stay and enjoy.

      It's my pleasure to hear you finally got the job. Is it a part-time job that you told me before? I understand how you were disappointed in the time when you got no respond from them... I experienced same way, I mean, to get a job, it took nearly a half year. I always thought what was wrong, whether I was wrong or not. But now I am happy with my job that absolutely suits me :) I like coffee, I'm able to do what I really wanted to.
      I hope you are going to feel same way.