Gyu-don, or rice with beef, is a kind of symbol of cheap foods in Japan. It's quite simple; rice, beef, onion, and seasonings like soy sauce, alcohol and so forth. You can find Gyu-don restaurants anywhere in this country, it cost only 280 yen, about $3.5. Sometimes cheaper than you buy ingredients and cook!!

I put kimchi, a popular Korean spicy food on it in this time :) You can top anything you want. If you look at gyu-don restaurants, they serve it with variety topping; cheese, sliced green onions, raw egg and so on.

Oh, I cooked with pork instead of beef at that time, I almost forgot to say :)


  1. Suzanne10/18/2012


    Wow, I like the way you make this very simple dish look so delicious, I wish I could eat your cooking ;)
    I've actually been experimenting with these one-bowl-dishes and I'm trying to make my own recipes with rice/noodles,fresh vegetables, pork/beef and tofu/eggs. Now, thanks to you, I have some new inspiration ^^

    Well, just as you long to travel Europe, I long to travel to Japan. I really like traditional Japanese culture, and everything is completely different than what I am used to. I'm so curious about your country...
    I do hope that you can visit Europe someday soon :) traveling on the road or by train is quite easy since many countries have very good connections. I mean, you can get from my place to Paris in France by train in about 3 hours. Booking a flight from one European country to another isn't that expensive either.

    hmm skiing.... well usually when my parents decide to go skiing we go in february. We haven't really thought about it, but I sure would like to go! I want to learn how to snowboard, 'cause that's awesome. What about you, are you going skiing? What are your plans for the new season?

    You know, with all this cold outside I'm really looking forward to New Year's and Christmas. Correct me if I am wrong, but I heard Christmas in Japan is more like..., how should I put it? Ehm... more like a time for couples and lovers. Is that right?
    Anyway, here in holland we celebrate Christmas with family and we have Christmas dinner with everyone together. We actually celebrate it for 2 days! And we eat this traditional food called: "Oliebollen". I just googled it myself to see when that tradition started ^^ And it turns out that "Oliebollen" were first eaten somewhere in the 15th century, or maybe even before that. (I didn't know that they were THAT old ;p )

    "Oliebollen" are made from this batter that consists of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, yeast and butter. You can add, to your taste, dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, apricots or fresh and finely chopped apple, pineapple or cherries. You could put in anything you like!
    The batter is quite thick and needs about an hour to rise, so it gets all puffy and has a lot of air in it. After that you deep-fry them in hot oil so the outside gets crispy golden brown and the inside is cooked as well. Then put them on a nice plate and dust with icing/powdered sugar.
    "bollen" can be translated into "balls" and that's what "oliebollen" look like, they are delicious looking crispy round bulbs of the size of your fist (or maybe a little smaller). Really, If you ever visit Holland in the winter you MUST eat these things, you'll fall in love with it, I just know it.

    I'm sorry, I hope I didn't bore you with my story about my love for this food. ^^ forgive me.

    Have a nice day! ;)

    1. Ohayou Suzanne :)

      It had been weekend, I took some relaxing time. Taking photograph, cooking some dishes and so on. Well, I need to post about it today ;)

      It's quite popular to cook one-bowl-dishes in my country. There even have "only one-bowl-dishes" books in book stores. Easy to cook, and easy to wash dishes as well :D

      My mother traveled to Italy few months ago. She likes Europe, went to Sweden and other neighboring countries couple years ago. And my father, my eider and younger brothers also have experience to travel or study in Europe. I am only one who has never been there, haha...

      This winter I am going to travel South East Asian countries, so now I am in the middle of time for saving money. I stop going to eat out, stop wasting my money as much as I can. Quite limiting, but I am not terrible with it. I mean, when I contend with saving money, I become more careful to spend it. It's wiser isn't it? :P Although I need sometime to open my wallet, it's better for me to be only sometime to do it.

      That's right you mentioned about the way of Christmas in Japan. People don't know well about Christianity in my country, so they consider it of more like happy event. You know, it's really tough day for people who don't have boyfriend/girlfriend at the day especially for young persons.

      Thank you for letting me of your traditional food Oliebollen. It has a long history! Wow! I can imagine how it looks like thanks to you. Wow,wow,wow... just, mouth-watering!!! I like sweet things! Traditional sweets in Japan doesn't suit me, though many people like them... :( I like European one, crape, cake, sweet bread and so forth...!

      It's never boring to hear your comment! Thank you again, Suzanne ;)

      Oh, I must say; I have something to tell you. Could you please send E-mail to me ? I'm not in hurry at all. Send me anytime whenever you have time for it ;)

    2. Suzanne10/22/2012


      I woke up this morning and I saw your new post(which is very nice) and comment. It made me feel happy and it was a nice way to start my schoolday, since my holiday is over and so are my days of rest and relasxation. But I will face it head-on and I will try to do my best!

      Ah! so you're the only one of your family who hasn't gone to Europe yet, I believe it's time for you to visit this side of the world ;)

      I think the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan is very nice as well, although I could never leave my own traditions behind. Being with family and all.
      You know, If I ever were to meet you in person I will let you taste my home-made oliebollen. Now you've heard of them you must eat them as well!

      I am a very curious person so I am going to send you an E-mail right now. I hope I've got your adress right ;)

    3. Konbanwa Suzanne ;)

      It was tough day for me cause I wasn't good mental condition :( Since today is coming to the end, I need to be a fresh start tomorrow ;)

      As I became close to you, it's growing interest in your country. One of my friend had stayed in your country for few years, and that person sometimes writes it in her blog. I always look forward to seeing it :) Nice, beautiful posts every time!

      I was supposed to write what I ate yesterday in the latest post, but I forgot :(
      Well, let me do it in few days :)