Traveling abroad for me.

It's always not easy to travel abroad, especially developing countries. I like traveling those countries not because it's cheap to travel, but because it's full of amazing, freshness, and nostalgia.

"not easy" I said, due to difficulty of prediction. In my country Japan, everything is accurate. Sometimes so accurate that I got tired or can't catch up with. I always need to be hurry to do anything. However, when I travel there, I must be flexible. The word "flexible" doesn't mean loose in that time.

I think to myself that I am a hurry person like many other Japanese; I can't wait in the restaurants, I can't wait for my friends when we meet. But I want to be a man who can spend my time to be relaxed, don't force others to rush.

As I continue to travel, I come to realize I became more tolerant person than before. I always remember the day I was on the way back to Amman, capital in Jordan by bus. The guidebook said it was suppose to be 3.5 hours to get there.

But on the way, it suddenly stopped. The driver said it's engine failure and doesn't seem to recover soon. Over 30 passengers got off and started hitch hiking in the middle of nowhere. Some caught a car, but many of us ended up staying in over 40 degrees there for more than 7 or 8 hours to get another bus. It was 12 hours trip.

One important thing to travel like this way is simple; enjoy everything happens to you.

I also remember one story. I planned to travel from Syria to Iran by railway in 2006. One day before riding on it, I got sick so I couldn't do it.  That train departs every one week. That means, I need must stay Syria one more week. I thought it's the worst thing ever happens to me. But, thanks to staying, I could recover and travel everywhere in Syria.

By the way, in the time when I was crazed with traveling, I really didn't like my country. Japan is so rounded that there seems no chance for me to coming out.

It was, however, my only misunderstanding. Whether I could come out or not is depending on me, not depending on the country I live.

After realizing this fact, I became to be able to enjoy my country as well as developing countries. And I think it's time to fit in here in Japan, and I'm sure I can do it so naturally.

Well, I never, ever stop traveling. But hope to enjoy both my country and other countries ;)

I was suppose to post about a food which I cooked last weekend.... Well that's for the next time :)


  1. That's the spirit!! ^_^
    I like the way you think!

    I heard Japanese are very discipline toward everything.
    It's a good thing i suppose.
    Although i couldn't imagine if i have to live "very well-organized, shipshape & in order" in every single time in my life, duh..
    That's why i am impressed with Japanese people to be able to do so.

    As for travelling..
    I kinda understand your passion to travel & experience other countries
    Coz i love travelling too ^^!
    I'd love to read your international travel articles too someday.
    I am sure they will be as interesting as your other writings!

    PS: I went to Jordan last April. Too bad, we didn't spend much time in Amman coz we went straight to Dead Sea (but Dead sea is superb! I enjoyed floating at the sea coz i can't swim at all, ahhahaha.. That was the only time i dare swimming in the sea without any float, lmao)

    1. Wow, you like what I think. Thanks ;)

      Most Japanese are very punctual, though there are some people who are not. But they are called "lazy" in my country... I think lazy and tolerant are totally different though... :(

      I want to be punctual as much as I could, but sometimes I need to be relaxed. We need sometime to take a rest.

      To tell the truth, I've been to Dead Sea twice :) One time was alone, and another time was honeymoon ;) Did you go to Petra as well? I went to there for three times! Oh you can't swim? Didn't you study when you are in school? Cause we learn it in Japan ;)

  2. Petra! ^^
    Petra is beautiful! I like it!
    All those rocks are fantasterrific!
    And you've been there three times? O_O
    You're very lucky!

    Did you visit Egypt, Israel & Arab Emirates too?
    All those places are amazing, right?
    They all have their very own beauty.

    Swimming, we didn't study it when we were in school.
    Most schools in Indonesia don't have swimming pool and if they do, it must be very prestigious exclusive ones.
    But i did take swimming course back then (twice more precisely, lol)
    However, it's became clear that swimming is just not my thing.
    Now, no more swimming for me aside from bathtub (and onsen, when i visit Japan), lmao ^^!

    1. Petra is really nice place, I can say with some confidence that it's worth visiting for three times! :P

      In 2006, I traveled Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, and UAE.
      I especially love Syria, so it's quite disappointing me for collapse or damage of historical cities along the civil war :(

      I like swimming, though it's been a while since I swam last time.
      (It was in Dead sea last time ;))
      Swimming doesn't suit you?
      I can swim in many styles!
      But basically, human are not suppose to swim since we live on the land :D

  3. Wow, that's quite some trips you've done! O_O
    It must be very interesting to be able to experience trips like yours! ^^

    Have you ever been to India?
    I heard India is very interesting country as well.
    Hope someday, i'd have chance to go there ^^

    But, first thing first!
    Next december, off to Japan!
    Still a month & half, can hardly wait! lol

    1. Well, I understand and imagine how interesting India is.
      However, so many people in Japan travel to India and there are much information about it, almost a flood of it. India is some kind of boom country to travel in my country now.
      Since I like traveling and living a life with unpopular, nobody knows things, India would be the final place to travel.
      I like India, especially food there, for the record ;)