With tremendous busyness and some chores which I'm not comfortable with, I'm totally exhausted right now. For all those who gave comments and sent E-mails for me, please, please let me take some time to send back. I'm always looking forward to you to visit/give comments for this tiny blog. Thank you very much for that, I'm sure  I will recover within a day or two. Sorry for my inadequacy...


  1. Lいsten to nice music, take a break, enjoy good food, have a good night sleep and hopefully your brain will have started to produce enough serotonin or dopamin so that you feel genki again ;) を大事に!!!!!

    1. Thanks to you, I recovered so soon! ;)
      I spent reading books, watching a film, and work a little bit yesterday.
      Very relaxing day, really :)

  2. Actually if you are still blue saturday, there is the annual book festival in Jinbocho!!!! More than one milloins books for sale on the sidewalks! Should give you some inspiration hopefully!!!! See you!


    1. I became powerful today since it's a Friday and I plan to go to Sushi restaurant for lunch! I'm such simple, haha...

      I've never been Jinbocho although I long for there. Seemingly, it's time for that! Thank you for sharing the information! You always give me many kind of things that I haven't known :P

  3. 元気になった良かった!明日は特別なので凄い人が来るんですが普通はもっと静かな町です。広場恐怖症ならなければ楽しいと思う:)

    1. 明日行こうと思っていましたが、明日は雨!Σ(・口・)

  4. Hi Iko84,
    Are you feeling better already?

    Please don't worry about replying.
    I believe this place is a place where we can chat idly, sharing fun things & experiences.
    So, please don't feel obligated to reply :)
    Anytime you feel like replying nor if you don't want to, then it'd be fine ^^!

    I am sure the others feel the same too, as you are our friend & good friend do understand their friends circumstance.
    Please take your time to recover! ^^

    1. Good evening!

      I feel much better today, I went to buy coffee beans nearby my home,
      checking some magazines in a book store and so forth ;)

      Thank you so much for thinking that way.
      I want this place making people to be relaxed.
      Like checking this blog right after dinner, just sitting in front of their computer, doing nothing in particular, with drinking some coffee :)
      If you think so, it's an honor for me to keep writing here ;)