A short trip in Kyoto, part2.

After I visited some places in Kyoto, I rode on a bus and went to Ginkakuji-temple. In Kyoto, there are numerous famous temples, and thousands of others. This temple is of of them.

Japanese tend to love some kind of low-key things. One reason might because it fits in the nature. Japanese traditionally live with the nature, try not destroy it as much as possible.

It's the garden of this temple. I don't know why, but there are many same style of gardens in Kyoto. I don't see this kind of style except Kyoto; looks like sands are waving and make it unique design.

They said it mixes salt in the sands so that they protect from winds and rains to collapse.

This window symbolizes a candle. Does this look like it, does it?

I received it when I paid admission fee ;)
(It was 500 yen, or about $7)

Like any other traditional Japanese gardens, it also has a small pond. Some people through coins in it. I don't know well why do it, but maybe they through with their praying; good health, longevity.

I like lichen, really...

You can climb a hill on the back of this temple. The view was good, you can hear leaves of trees singing.

Leaving from Ginkakuji-temple, I took a short walk and

arrived at Honenji-temple.

This temple was tremendously nice and beautiful. It's not popular though, you can be relaxed with silence.

Despite it's located just 10 minutes walk from Ginkakuji-temple, a famous one, I only found a few people there.

This temple also has a small pond. Those ponds always make me feel relief, if they are not beautiful then what it's like to be beautiful ?

Well, it seems to be time for lunch !

It's ochazukke ! Or rice with tea ! That time it was gorgeous. they served rice, many kinds of vegetables, eggs, and miso soup ! No need to say what taste it was ;)


  1. Suzanne10/09/2012


    I wish I already had my holiday, but that is not going to happen, yet. After this week I have a week off. And I am already looking forward to it! I am thinking about going shopping in the city or something. I need to take my mind of school and stuff.

    Well I am not a great painter, but I'm not that bad if I say so myself ;) I do wish I could take pictures like you do. I envy you.

    Yes it's the job I talked about before, and I hope I'll enjoy it just as much as you do with your job.

    I just read your new post about Kyoto, the gardens are beautiful.
    And I like your shoes :P I have those as well. You sure took a lot of pictures, which I all really enjoyed.

    Sad to say, I have to continue my studies for tomorrow. I've got a French test coming up and I'm swamped in my French work.

    Dans l'attente de votre réponse!
    Au revoir.


    1. Koobanwa, Suzanne ;)

      Are you in the days of exams? Hopefully it will be best for you and I know you can do it ;)
      Speaking of taking pictures, it's not difficult at all. One great thing for taking photographs is that anyone could become an artist. I don't think I'm the one, but I wish I would be someday.

      Actually I just came back to my home from the coffee shop where I work for. Since it's getting cold, many people come buy our coffee beans. It's challenging the products which I packed were sold. I hope your job will be full of challenging as well :D

      Do you have shoes that I have? Wow, it's nice ;) It looks we share some preference! I bought this few weeks ago, it's quite popular shoes in my country. I like it ;)

      Did you write some French at last? You both can understand it! Please, don't leave me :)

  2. Wow Kyoto is such a refreshing city.... I haven't been yet this year, may be in november!!!
    Suzanne, j'espere que ton examen de francais n'etait pas trop difficile! ;P

    1. I started to travel to Kyoto once or twice in one year from last year. It never makes me bored, astonishing...! November is definitely one of the best month for traveling there. Foliage turned into red or yellow... But I heard there are SO MANY PEOPLE there at that time. You had better go there by first train like me ;)

    2. Suzanne10/11/2012

      Merci Chalet! l'examen n'était pas difficile et je crois que j'ai une bonne note parce que le français est mon fort.

    3. Bravo Suzanne ! I will definitely follow your advice iko84! Do you also rent bikes in Kyoto?

    4. I didn't rent a bike in Kyoto, though I saw some foreigner riding on it. I recommend to buy a one-day pass for bus. It only costs 500 yen, amazingly cheap. Also, buses go around Kyoto, so you can go almost anywhere by bus and on foot! You can buy it in the rotary in Kyoto station!

  3. Again, all those captivating pics! ^^
    Green sure is good for tiring eyes, lmao.

    Kyoto seems very different from Tokyo.
    Idk, but i feel like i am gonna like Kyoto (and Kanazawa) way more than Tokyo.
    Coz i love nature the most! Flowers, animals, mountains, lake, name them all! ^^
    Too bad, i have no skill in photography.
    I wish i could pictured all the sceneries i've seen in amazing pics like yours.

    1. I just remember days when I was an elementary school student. My mother always suggested me to see green things to try to recover my poor eyesight.

      Kyoto and Tokyo are totally different. One is very traditional, secret place, and the other one is traditional as well, but much crowded as I said before and everything is new.

      I love natural things too! I love animals like my dog, mountains like Mt.Fuji(I could see it from my apartment) and so on :)

      You can take photograph if you have a camera! If you don't have any, your cell phone may have one. I have SLR, but I don't think good camera creates good pictures. I mean, PEOPLE create good pics ;)

  4. Indeed!!
    It's people who create good pics!
    Camera is just a tool (though we have to have good tool to make good thing, but people is all that matter) ^^!

    Well, skill is what i don't have, lol..
    I am not into photography either, so i guess i have to feel content with "so-so" pics i made through the trips.

    You have dog? ^^
    I love dogs! And any other animals as well..
    But my mom hate them, so the only animals we have are fishes.. Too bad :(