Old and new Tokyo station.

This red brick building which once again symbolize Tokyo station just opened this October. It was burned in the WW2 (I check it out on the web site, though I don't know whether it completely collapse or not), but this time they rebuilt it.

Yes, it's restoration, not old thing. However, I really like the style that people at least try to build old fashioned things ;)


  1. Suzanne10/14/2012

    Konbanwa! :)

    You know, somehow this station in Tokyo reminds me of Amsterdam Central Station, here in Holland. The red brick, the white. It looks very beautiful, although the interior is a tad different.

    These old buildings are beautiful, in Amsterdam we have many historical buildings and the sight of it, whilst standing on the bridge over the canal, is amazing. You'd love it! ^^

    I'm very much enjoying my holiday, I plan to go to the city of Leiden, (which also is a city full of historical buildings), on saturday. I will be visiting the university I want to go to, where they'll be giving various presentations about: "studying Japanese". I really look forward to it.
    Leiden is a really nice city, it's full of young urban people and students, because top universities are located there. And it is also packed with very good restaurants and café's and it has a nice shopping district.
    The buildings are very old, tall and slim and lay directly at the canals. They stem from the 15th,16th and 17th century.
    The atmoshpere in the city is very relaxed, many people go to Leiden in the weekend for pleasure and in midweek you'll find many students.

    I wish you could see it ;)


    1. Ohayou! ;)

      I imagined Amsterdam Central Station and then checked it out just ago. Wow! It's far greater than Tokyo station.

      I know Amsterdam and Holland has a long history. Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Maastricht... I learned lots of place about your country mainly in the class of world history :)
      In Japan, we have many historical places and buildings, but due to repeated earthquake and WW2, a lot of them were collapsed or burned :(

      I also googled Leiden (I heard it for the first time, by the way), it's really nice as well :P I've never been to Holland, nor Europe, I just imagine what it's like. The story you tell me always fresh and exciting for me!

      Well, you are going to have very busy days both for the job you told me and your holiday. I like to be busy, and I think you like it too. But be careful to do too much and don't forget to take some rest as I recommended you before.

      I will write a post in some days!

    2. Suzanne10/17/2012


      Wow, It's nice to know that people in Japan actually learn about the history of Holland. I never thought that they would be teaching Dutch history, like, anywhere. I'm surprised, or even shocked :) since my country is so small...
      You know, when I will be studying Japanese next year, I'll have a whole lot of Japanese history to learn as well. I'm curious already. ^^

      I like the fact that you like it when I tell you stories about my country. (wow that's a mouth full) So I am going to tell you some more later on. ;)
      By the way, do you think about travelling Europe sometime? Do you have any places of interest on this continent? France or Italy? (because you already like French and Italian food ^^ )

      As my holiday is really getting started now, I will try to relax, enjoy my freedom and I won't participate in any stress-related activities. I will take your advice, thank you ^^

      I can't wait to read your next post!

    3. Ohayou Suzanne ;)

      It's some kind of my great pleasure that every time I open my blog and find your comment :D

      When we learn the world history in Japan, text books tend to tell us about European history. The Roman Empire, history of religious transformation, the Age of Discovery...and so on. Especially we learn your country in terms of religious transformation and its wars.

      Japanese history may quite unique. We live on islands, not so many contacts with outside world until 19th century... We grew our own culture until that time.

      I long for traveling to Europe someday, but nothing goes as planed anyway, haha... Since I love cooking more than eating, I am really interested in Italy and France. But don't be disappointed, I become interested in your country as well ;) I like traveling by roads and railways, I would like to travel a whole European countries in the near future ;)

      By the way, are you going to go skiing this winter? It's getting cold, and you know I'm not a winter person, I think I need to find some joy for this season ;)