Me, and me ;)

Are you ready...?


Jump ;)

In the warm, nice weather on the beach of a small island :D


  1. Suzanne10/11/2012

    Konbanwa my friend!

    Tomorrow (friday) is my last test. And it's the worst of all. MATHEMATICS. I really don't like the subject. But I will try not to fail tremendoulsy. After that, it's my holiday!

    Maybe I should try taking photographs? Since I really like photography and now you've inspired me

    Is it getting cold in Japan? In Holland as well, I'm freezing and I'm not used to the cold, yet. I'm looking forward to having some nice coffee or hot chocolate on these cold days.

    Hey! those shoes are very popular in Holland as well! I love my All Stars and they fit perfectly :D I could walk forever on them.

    Don't worry, I won't leave you ;)
    By the way, it's nice to see some pictures of you! I wish I had a blog (maybe I should start writing one as well?), that way you can follow me as well.
    You've given me a lot to think about this time :P

    I hope to talk to you soon! have a nice day! Bye.


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    2. Ohayou Suzanne ;)

      I think you are enjoying your holiday by now :) Did you do well in the mathematics test? I myself don't hate this subject; always one answer. I like this kind of thing! I enjoyed it, but I wasn't not good at it, however :(

      Japan is still cool. Not too hot, not too cold, really nice weather these days. One of my customer in the coffee shop where I work for said he likes cold season because he likes clothes in that season. I'm not a person who has style, so this opinion was really fresh for me.

      Do you want to launch your own blog? That sounds great and interesting ;) I would like to know more about you and your country :D

      We just start a weekend right now! Let's enjoy it! ;)

  2. You are like Neil Armstrong jumping on the moon: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" :)

    1. I hadn't thought that way! You are surprisingly great person...:) I took it in the island called "Saku-shima", located in Aichi prefecture :)