Pasta, bicycle and something around me ;)


It's been three weeks since I bought my lovely new bicycle. Unlike the one which I already had, this bicycle is amazingly light, easy to start, and moreover, having lots of fun to ride.

Since I had a part-time job in the European food restaurant when I was a university student, I like cooking, especially Italian food. I converted it with Japanese food for this time; "Japanese-style vongole bianco".

You can find a lot, sometime too much, Italian restaurants here and there in this country. Pizza, pasta, risotto, and many kind of wine. Since I am not a person who drink alcohol normally, I usually cook this kind of food by myself.

I have many hobbies like cycling, cooking and so forth. But if someone ask me "What do you like the best of all your hobbies?", I could tell him or her within a second "I definitely love taking pictures the best".

Shooting photographs is something like "express myself" for me. One big reason why I started to taking pictures is simple; I can't draw. You are not necessary to be depressed because you can't draw pictures. You still can shooting photographs.

I like to think my photographs are quality pics, but it could be mere my self-opinion. That is fine even if so, I just do my best to go my way.

Anyway, my daily life changed suddenly and became quite busy there days. But, but, but. I will never stop coming back here in this blog.
So, don't forget to check my place ;)


  1. Suzanne9/30/2012

    Konbanwa, how are you doing?

    Don't worry about giving a late reply, it's no big deal. You know I always get busy as well :)
    In fact, next week, well actually starting with october 5th, I'll be busy all week long since it's "Exam-test Week". That means: I go to school,I take a test for one or two of my subjects and I go home. And that goes on for a full week! I am already studying for my tests, but really, you can't imagine how much it is. And I have to do my best so I can graduate at the end of this year. ^^ so let's hope all goes well.

    Oh yes I love Italian AND I happen to be a pizza-baking expert ;) Whenever my family eats pizza I'm the one who bakes it and I always feel so happy when my parents and my brother like it. That's what I probably enjoy most about cooking: seeing the faces of the people when they think it is delicious. ^^
    I really like it that you featured Italian food in your post, it looks delicious and I wish I could eat your cooking right NOW ^^

    Typhoons? Rain? so that means that you won't be able to enjoy cycling your new bike for a while :( here in Holland the sun is shining but it's getting colder and colder at night.

    Ah, I wish I could wake up seeing a mountain! You're so lucky :) But I can't complain about it, because I can see the sun going down at sea, which is a nice view as well.

    have a nice day(or evening)!

    1. This time I write you early since I woke up a bit early as well ;) Exam-test week ! It reminds me of days when I was a student. Do you just take exam and go back home earlier ? In Japan, students in junior high school (at least my school) just take one or two exam and go back their home. There is no normal class at that time. I was really terrible with exams, but my only enjoyment was able to come back home by noon. I really hope you can pass them. And I'm sure you can do it ;)

      You are pizza specialist ! Sounds great :) I tend to cook pasta, not pizza normally. I am not good at making pizza crust, it always become strange shape, I can't make it round shape :( I agree with you. I sometime call my friends and take a cooking party in my home. That's one of the most pleasure time for me. Looking at my friends amazed with my meals.

      It became a good weather now as I said below :) Today is the day I come back to my hometown Nagoya. I do it every two months, and it's really my joy ;) And needless to say, I will visit to Kyoto while I stay there in Nagoya. Don't miss the post about it in this week !

  2. Suzanne10/01/2012

    By the way, I just watched the evening news on the television here and it said that the typhoon is getting pretty serious in Tokyo,Japan. I'm worried about you and I hope you are safe!

    1. Ohayou !
      It's 5:25 a.m. and I already woke up as usual ;) The typhoon was terrible in my hometown Nagoya and heard that many people evacuated from their home. But now it passed away both in Nagoya and Tokyo. It's in the Tohoku area right now, where the huge earthquake hit last year. I hope people in this area will be safe.

  3. Wow it looks like an expensive bike! Do you think you can go to Myanmar with it? :) As always very nice pictures!!! Was that the kingyo exhibiion last week in ginza or nihonbashi?

    1. Good morning !;)
      This bicycle is named "ESCAPE AIR".
      Check this out here;
      Yeah, it's great if I could bring it to Myammar. I saw some people traveling with their own bicycle. Looks nice... Maybe I will be able to rent it there in Myammar :)

      It's in Nihonbashi's exhibition ! I liked it, although a little bit small place and numerous people :(

    2. Yes, in Myanmar I actually rented a bike, it was in Mandalay, and was very nice to be able to check small streets and villages around the city. I do recommend it! Try also to stay in temple close to Mandaly, it s illegal but you meet real people there!!! By the way, I just saw a nice exhibition about the designer Tanaka Ikko , it is close to Midtown: http://lechaletdelarete.blogspot.jp/2012/10/ikko-tanaka.html

      All the best!

    3. Wow, you experienced such a great things in Myammar! Soooo nice ;) I also plan to set foot on Mandalay, so I am sure I am going to try it! It's first time for me to hear the name of Ikko Tanaka. I will check it out soon :) Thanks a lot :D

  4. To be honest, your pics were the very first reason why i stucked here ^^!
    All those are very good!

    And your articles are amazing as well.
    As i said in other comment before, your writings are simple, straight to the point & very informatif.
    I like being here & reading your writings :)

    1. Thank you and it's my pleasure to hear that ;)
      I love taking photograph, and it's probably the best way to put them on the blog. People around the world could see it...

      I am terrible with English, so I need must be simple, straight, haha... :)

    2. And here, i thought that your English is very good, lol ^^!
      I heard (again, pardon me if it is offending) tht English is not common for Japanese.
      So language can be a barrier when we travel to Japan.
      However, your blog proves otherwise! :D

    3. No no no, my English is so poor, you can see many mistakes in my blog, even in comments for you, haha...

      Yes, English is not common in my country.
      People study it from junior high school, but many of them reluctant to learn it since we live on the small isolated country, we all speak same language, and no need to speak English.
      But hey, isn't it great fun if you can communicate with people from other countries?
      School teaches us how to learn English in Japan, but I must say school should teach us why we learn it ;)

  5. Yes, meeting new people from other countries is the fun part of travelling.

    Hmm, since Japanese people learn English from junior high school, does it means that basically they can understand English but choose not to use it?

    1. That's true.
      Most Japanese know some English, although most of them are so shy and afraid of mistakes of communicate that many Japanese pretend to be unable to speak English or avoid to speak it :(