Taiwan tea in Tokyo.

It was a rainy day, my friend and I got together in the local station. She said there is a tiny tea shop nearby, but she couldn't remember where it is, what its name. I took my phone and checked it out. Ah, how great iphone is !

They served the cold water and tea first. Although it was rain, the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius. Moreover, like everyday in the summer in Japan, it's too humid :( Those two drink make us relaxed.

I took a tea with food that was a menu of the day, that day was Uguisu mochi, a kind of rice based food. it was usually eaten in the cold winter, or we eat it in the restaurant like this.

well, I like Taiwan tea. It pours tea to the small (very small) cup one by one, and drink slowly with chatting with people. I definitely love this style. I would like to buy stuffs for Taiwan tea, but it was a bit expensive. Maybe next time ? ;)

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