Shinjuku, a big business city in Tokyo.

Everytime I come to Shinjuku, I think "Hell, what the dirty city is it ?" in my mind. It's something I never get used to.

Nameboard for chain restaurants, medicine store and so forth...I don't like this kind of things :(

I don't want to think it's the typical city in Japan. Sure, it's convenient, but too convenient to be relaxed.

I repeatedly told that I love old things. Old temples, old products, and old historical places. You can find this kind of things even in Shinjuku, like above picture, but small, almost ignored.

If you want to see something old, you can go to Kyoto, or Kanazawa where I visited before. If one of my foreign friend come to my country, I would rather take him or her not to Shinjuku, but to Kyoto or other old places.

Do you think of Shinjuku ? What do you see for people who is from foreign country ?


  1. I love Shinjuku!!! I think it has character and I like its dirtyness and the dodgyness of the underworld. Tokyo is sometimes too clean, a bit like unreal Disneyland: Shinjuku brings us back to the not so clean reality. Finally, Shinjuku has also beautiful places like Shinjuku Gyoen where you can spend a nice afternoon in the Japanese gardens or on the lawn, reading and trying to remember how fun last night was in the Golden Gai ;).

    1. Good morning :) You love shinjuku !? Wow, it's nice to hear that someone who is from foreign country like there. Yeah, it's really dirty and dodgy... :) But that's exactly what it is like to be there. And I like Shinjuku Gyoen as well. Especially I like going there in the spring (too crowded, though) It's first time for me to hear the name "Golden Gai". It's also located in Shinjuku ! I need to go there and shoot some photograph :)

    2. http://www.goldengai.net/history/

      But table charges are expensive!!!!

    3. Wow, thanks for let me know the history of Golden Gai ! I will checked it out later ;)

  2. My first impression (and my last one) about Shinjuku was really nice. I don't know why, I feel good walking in those dirty streets with a strong personality (compared with Tokyo). I can feel life and I really like Shinjuku Gyoen too!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog ;) It's surprising how many foreign people like Shinjuku. I prefer to see and want to walk on the old European style streets (I've never been there, I just watched on TV though), but don't know why I love it. It seems foreign people also feel same way. Shinjuku Gyoen is really nice... I go to Shinjuku today, I need to go and take some rest there again :)

  3. Never been in Japan, so couldn't voice any opinion, lol!

    Watching the pics, i am not sure if i'd love that place.
    Seems very crowded, with all those buildings & nameboards cramped together.

    Personally, i don't like crowded places.
    And i heard Japan is very crowded, especially Tokyo.
    You have to line wherever you go & the subway is giving the headaches.

    But, hey who knows? Maybe i'll like it when someday i visit there, hahaha..

    1. Yeah, it's really crowded and dirty...I can't come to love it still now...:(

      I currently live in Tokyo, but not like my hometown Nagoya, it's tooooo crowded everywhere! I sometimes want to escape from here, haha...
      ATMs, in the supermarkets, anywhere...
      And you had better avoid to catch the train in the rush hour in Tokyo. I really hate to ride on it at that time :(

  4. Subways is our biggest concern while planning our April trip.
    In Indonesia, there is no subways so i rarely ride one.
    Moreover, japan rush hour sounds like a horror for me.
    For a person who hate crowd, watching people sandwiched & squeezed like tht, i can't even imagine what will we encounter later :(

    Actually, i am always wondering one thing about Japan.
    I've been thinking, why there always queues in most place in Japan?
    Like in restaurant, cafe, subways, tourist spots.

    Lets say tourist attraction places for example..
    There are so many people there even though in weekday.
    Set aside the foreign tourist, but it seems there are a lot Japanese people there too.
    Aren't they suppose to work or go to school in weekday?

    And in restaurant in lunch hour too..
    If the queue is long, wouldn't it will be wasted your lunch time for queueing instead eating?
    Aren't there so many restaurants, especially in metropolitan city like Tokyo?

    I hope my questions above are not offending.
    This is just a thought of a person who very seldom seeing queue lines in her very country, lol
    Maybe you can share some opinions ^^

    1. Trains in Japan have some problems, especially when it is rush hours.
      But still you can avoid it.
      I mean, mainly people work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Around those time people rush their way to homes or companies.
      I always try not ride on trains around 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. respectively.
      That makes me feel much better :)

      Your question is.... I think same way :D
      I can't understand why many people spend their short lunch time for lining up.
      Besides the places where aren't so many restaurants, people in Japan tend to like famous things.
      Famous restaurants, famous clothes and so on.
      That's why they patiently line up.
      Nobody blame. They just wait.
      And they all think it is natural in this country.

      I am not person who can wait for a long time, I prefer to go other restaurants or places.

      Your opinion is not offending at all.
      Feel free to ask whatever you think ;)